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About the Modern Patriot

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Our meaning and message

The Modern Patriot is a new creation and platform specifically geared to those of us in the country who are tired of partisan narratives, empty campaign promises, do-nothing politicians, echo chambers, and being used by our leaders to perpetuate false narratives and arguments which only serve to divide us from our family, friends, and neighbors.

We are all one and the same, we have families, loved ones, and friends we care about and only want the best for.

Take a leap of faith and believe in the goodness of others. We all may not be poets and orators but that doesn’t mean we should not have a place or social media group that prevents us from best trying to express our opinions and ideas. We are not here to sell you anything nor profit from your being. We always welcome donations to help with operation costs but please do not ever feel obligated to do so. This platform is funded from our personal funds and due to our experience and ability to work with technology, it allows us to provide this platform in a very cost-effective way

They cannot stop the message. Friends. Family. Community.

Where Solutions are found.

This platform recognizes that the solutions we seek are complex and cannot be contained by one-sided moderators, fact-checkers, and “community standards” which only serve to shut down the exact dialog needed for us, as a nation, to overcome and resolve.

Respect our differences.

That means being kind and open-minded to those who may feel different from we do. We encourage healthy debate and dialog that our patrons can use to engage with others without fearing social justice mobs and crazy hard right-ers who only seem to care about parroting the beliefs which divide us.

Dialog without limits

We know we won’t always agree on everything but we KNOW we all agree that everyone is just trying to participate and live the best life they know-how. Sometimes the left has better ideas than the right and sometimes the right is correct in their own ideas. We aim to recognize that and encourage the two to exchange those ideas with one another outside of the limited narratives and dogmas our political establishment espouses and demands we subscribe to.

A short analogy. 

When going to an “Old Country Buffet” style restaurant? do you eat everything up they put out? or do you pick and choose based on what you like and what is best for you?

That is the platform we want to create and allow patrons to use. Accounts are free and we will never use your information for anything other than communicating this platform’s news and information to you. Your privacy and ours are as important as your god-given right to express yourself.

What we ask of our patrons…

The exchange we ask for is fairly simple and straightforward.

Stop giving donations to ANY political candidate who…

  • Deal in hyperbolic rhetoric
  • Calls for attacks and disruption of anyone’s life for political reasons
  • Refuses to consider obvious realities of the world we have to live in
  • Use our emotions to manipulate us
  • Pushes bad policy without a plan of action
  • Baselessly attack their political opposites
  • Encourages echo chambers to limit discussion
  • Has no legislative agendas that do not consider the fallout which occurs as a result of those policies
  • Attacks police or turns a blind eye to the negative effects of the administrative policies our law enforcement officers are forced to enforce
  • Does not give adequate support and platform to the poor and disenfranchised American citizens of every race and creed equally
  • Uses our institutions (like schools) to leverage our children and future generations for political short term games, whose effect, more often than not, last far longer than their influence and terms in office
  • Pits us against each other, divides our communities, restricts our conversations, and makes enemies of anyone who dare think differently than the establishment does.
  • Lobbies and promotes conglomerate interests for financial gains (personal or otherwise)
  • Feel, act, or present as entitled to their positions
  • Supports entitlements or engages in reckless spending
  • Deliberately creates situations that are divisive and for personal or political gains
  • Does not feel that the average person can and should decide for themselves
  • Does not support equal due process for every citizen under the law, regardless of political leanings, race, religion, or affiliation.
  • Feels that you do not deserve the same understanding and protections as “they” do in society.

We as the taxpayers and citizens deserve far better than what our current establishment allows for and feels we are owed. Every citizen and taxpayer deserves equal and fair representation in our local, state, and federal government.

Schools, Teachers, and Boards

While we understand that teachers are individuals as well with their own values, we reject any targeting of them as a group. By and large, our teachers are normal folks just like you and me. They have bills, needs, and responsibilities and also have to do as their superiors instruct.

From the superintendents on down, they take direction from the school boards. We need to support these individuals and make sure they know we value their effort and service.

Our goal will never be to punish or attack the individuals just doing the best job they can. Instead, all school activities and functions will focus solely on the school boards themselves, the managers and administrators who write the policy the school’s employees take direction from.

We welcome all educators who feel disenfranchised and targeted by narratives and dialog which has made them enemies and targets of the political narratives we see and hear on a daily basis.

All candidates and office-seekers supported by us shall also promote and support the “Parent/Teach Advisory Board” which will be of equal power and influence as the school boards themselves. The function of the “Parent/Teach Advisory Board” will be to decide the daily and yearly activities of the school’s faculty, curriculum, and medical prevention activities (such as masks and vaccines) to be decided by the teachers and parents together.

School boards and school districts receiving any state and federal funds will be required to also provide space and funds to this board of parents teachers without any influence over or impediment to the “Parent/Teach Advisory Board” decision process.

Some people don’t change

We understand that some of us are just too far set in our ways to ever change but still see an opportunity to help make a better future. We ask patrons of this sort to at least call a truce or a time out. We can always get back to arguing later on, but we recognize that there is a time and a place. That time is not now and the place is not here. We resolve to put our grievances aside to focus on the larger problems before we do not have enough left to deal with those problems.

Treat strangers with respect

Everyone is worthy of respect and should never be belittled or put down for being different. That sounds very mickey mouse but a little understanding can go a long way to finding common ground.

The language which sets impossible standards with voters and citizens will not be allowed. Examples of this language generally establish an imaginary standard for others and we fervently reject any attempt to do so.

Some examples of this are as follows

  • “You aren’t conservative enough”
  • “You aren’t black enough”
  • “You don’t love your country”

We can all use a little break from the constant bombardment of assumptions pushed on us by the networks, social media, and politicians who only seek to reduce you as an individual, to a joke or a meme. Something or someone who is to be ridiculed for not having the same thoughts as the group. You matter your life matters, your experience matters, your feelings matter.

You have a voice!

Your voice will always be yours, a Modern Patriot speaks their life truthfully and accurately. Never let news stations, programs, or persona do your thinking and speaking for you. Even when you may agree with what is being said at that time. You deserve better from yourself than to give up the very thing that makes you “you”!

Be honest with yourself and others

We recognize this observable truth. That there are pundits, politicians, companies, and individuals who profit and gain from causing conflict between us. We recognize that not everyone can devote the time to the issues as others and that sometimes we accept short narrative and second-hand information for no other reason than we have lives, families, jobs, and many other things which demand our time and attention. Be honest with yourself when engaging with others, especially when engaging with others who may have a different view than you do. We may not always be able to devote the time needed to complete a thought. So be kind, give others the time and latitude you would expect yourself. Walk away, take a little time, think about yourself and ask yourself honest and hard questions before responding to others. Sometimes we just have bad days and that is ok. Not a single person alive today is perfect and we shouldn’t expect perfection from others either.

Choose your neighbors and community first.

America is a great and wonderful place. We want to keep it that way. The issues we face as individuals as not national issues to be manipulated and used to enrage others from far away places. Take the time to explain a situation or condition when others attempt to make assumptions.

Stop attacking others for speaking their views, no matter how you feel.

We all understand how difficult it can be to explain our positions and feelings about issues. Our team believes much of this is due to the very limited and actively restricted platforms we have to do so.

Not everything can be clearly explained or expressed in 240 characters or with scripts that cannot tell the difference between a meaningful response and misinformation. A modern Patriot recognizes this and purposely allows others an opportunity to engage meaningfully.

Immigration and the boarder

It has long been known and observed that our borders are a joke to both parties in power. We reject this premise and want strong boarder as well as a fluid system that those indivuals can use to gain access to our country and obtain citizenship. This does not make you a bigot or xenophobic to want to verify and know who is moving into your neighborhoods.

We reject the quiet under-the-table placement of illegal immigrants by our government. As citizens, we consistently have to prove who we are. As annoying as that is, we understand the value of having to do so.

We reject giving better treatment to those new arrivals than those who have

  • lived here for years
  • immigrated legally

We have good people of all walks, races, religions, and beliefs who are already here and should not be placed in the back of the line for the political expedience and gains of a select few politicians and government officials who benefit from the conflict which arises.

Moreover, we accept the fact, that in order to help these individuals seeking to become an American citizen, we must first help ourselves. We accept that in order to reform this function of government, normal everyday Americans need to come first. Their safety, their lives, their needs, are important but Americans will always come first.

We also promote meaningful changes to our immigration system that both aids asylum seekers and regular immigrants seeking a new life in our great country, be it by merit or merely medical support in designated ports of entry where seekers may get care without gaining access to our mainland.

While we do not and will not prioritize the needs of individuals seeking access, we will never disregard them and do not support their use by politicians for political gain.


Our Plan for Resolving the Argument

We do not support imposing abortion and political interests relative to the need or procedure. We recognize that bodily autonomy is of the utmost importance.

All political platforms and candidates we support shall also support moving the procedure into “the standards for women’s care and health” and making it a hospital procedure.

We recognize that our women deserve to have access to the care they require and need without influence/interference from groups and political organizations who we feel promote these procedures for political gains.

We recognize that not everyone supports the act or procedure. This means that each community, at the county level, will be able to decide the scope of women’s medical services.

This standard of care is non-negotiable and all candidates will be responsible for passing legislature, reflective of those living within those districts, to protect their needs and demands regarding Abortion and relative services.

No longer will outlets and organizations (public or private), existing outside of the medical system, be able to accept funds, federal or otherwise. All federal and state dollars awarded will be awarded to the medical establishments within those districts and will be governed by the women living within those districts with periodic referendums where they can decide directly as to what is and what is not included in their standards of care.

About our Team

Our team is composed of IT and Networking Professionals, Social Activists, Politicians, Pundits, Community Organizers, Legal Professionals, and ordinary citizens who realize the inherent issues of moderated speech and have decided to create a middle ground that is beyond the powerful and influential ability to control.

We reject the concept of being right over doing right. No party, no organization, no group has all the correct and necessary plans and ideas.

We can do this because we built this industry space over the past 30 years. We are self-hosted with backups that no one can shut down without a great legal battle.

If you are a uber political entity looking to tear us down, be warned, we will fight for the people of this country and know the arena far better than you. Poke the bear at your own peril or support this open platform and let people’s voices be heard. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Political Candidate Support Services

what the modern patriot does

The modern patriot is a political platform that provides patriot content, a voice of reason, and candidate platform support service. We work with local, state, and federal organizers and office seekers to help them hone their message, push content to the masses, introduce the right people to their platform, and help our supporters and friends grow in ways they couldn’t achieve on their own.

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Most support modern patriot provides is free. We know how restrictive the costs are for many services and our dedicated team of consultants will do what they can to get you and your team off and rolling.


Most frequent questions and answers

Getting your group or organization listed with the Modern Patriot is free. We only ask that you submit your groups information and answer the survey questions honestly and with integrity.

The Modern Patriot is not “right” or “left” leaning in nature and encourages groups and organizations of all types to participate. Our primary objective is to get you exposure and increase your presence in the digital world.

Within our main web platform, anyone can register for an account which they may use to interact and organize their movements and platforms. There is no charge and will always remain free.

The Modern Patriot crew and primary leadership are from various digital, communications, and IT industries. Our platform will never sell your data or use it for anything other than account tracking within out network. We are privately funded and determined to remain independent. 

Sign Up is easy and free.

Yes, but we do have some requirments of those who we work with when pushing their content and messages.

We will not work with the narrow minded, regardless of political leanings. 

Messaging but be factual, constructive, and further discussion between your entire audience. 

Racism and bigotry of any kind will not be pushed out to the various outlets.

Right or Left, there are extreme views present in both and the Modern Patriot seeks to bring folks back to the middle in order to find solutions and common understanding of each other’s line of thought and beliefs. 

The Modern Patriot knows how expensive it is to get a web platform going. 

We provide basic web services for those groups and induvial who either do not have a budget or lack the technical skills needed to develop such a platform. 

First, you will need to reach out and contact us about your project so we can understand the scope of your platform and your vision behind it.

Second, you will need to purchase a domain ( from any ICANN certified register. We recommend using Google Domains.

Third, If you cannot afford or do not know where to begin with website hosting, the Modern Patriot will provide you with some secure server space and a few email accounts to get you going. 

You can contact us or submit your groups information in several ways, but ultimately, we will have to have a loosely formal meeting. 

The modern patriot team are very effective at many aspects of campaigning for public office. That means helping with writing of policy, donations, informative articles, press releases, and more.

Additionally, we can help with staff vetting, opposition outreach, paper design, communications, analytics, and messaging. 

We also provide an extensive resource center for publications and important information regarding elections and candidacy. We encourage you to review that information which can be found here