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gREP Lookup By Address

gREP Address Lookup tool is a free tool for the general use of public to look up their local, state, and federal representatives. We at the Modern Patriot encourage all citizens and citizen hopefuls to reach out and engage with their governments. 

Enter an address as shown in the example text without commas.
Clicking this box will search Congressional and Senate Congressional memebers, if left unchecked, your search will result in State Legislature and Assembly members being returned.

general usage tips

gREP Basic User Tips

Using gREP

Using the gREP Lookup By Address Tool requires you to enter a phsical mailing address. You may copy and paste address directly from your google searches. If there is data availible, data will be return below the submission form.

What is "gREP Office Level"

gREP Address LookupTool outputs search and query results by default for either local up to state officals and from state officals on up to elected offcials of our federal government. All data is public and no personal data will ever be made to the public. The gREP Office Level is the level of officials you are looking up using the tool. See the below explainations of these levels.

  • headOfState — The chief public representative of a government. The head of state of a country is usually called the President.
  • headOfGovernment — The chief executive officer of a government. In the US, this is the President; in other countries, it is often the Prime Minister. At lower levels this may be a governor or mayor.
  • deputyHeadOfGovernment — The officer responsible for assuming the head of government role in the event of the death or incapacity of the elected head of government. In the US, this is the Vice President. This office may have other duties as well.
  • governmentOfficer — An elected executive-branch officer. In US states, this may include roles such as attorney general, comptroller, secretary or state, or treasurer.
  • executiveCouncil — A member of an executive council that fulfills executive-branch roles as a group. Examples include Indiana county commissioners.
  • legislatorUpperBody — A member of the upper body of a bicameral legislature, or the only body of a unicameral legislature.
  • legislatorLowerBody — A member of the lower body of a bicameral legislature.
  • highestCourtJudge — A justice of the top court of a particular government, such as a state Supreme Court.
  • judge — A judge in any court that is not the top court of the government it serves.
  • schoolBoard — A member of a local school board.
  • specialPurposeOfficer — An officer that serves a single, defined purpose, such as a member of a soil-and-water conservation board or mosquito abatement officer.


The gREP Address Lookup Tool is free for public use at the expesnce and effort of the Modern Patriot. There is no support however you are welcome to contact MP Staff by registering and creating a account on MP Social.