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We want to hear from you! We don’t care about the narratives that paint us into corners, your opinion matters and should be included in the discussion. In today’s political arena, there are so many voices screaming for satisfaction and representation. It can be so very frustrating knowing that when you speak, your voice is never heard. 

We, at the Modern Patriot want you to know that we are always interested in hearing your opinions about politics, our platform, or even if you simply want to say hi! We are a country built by the people and for the people and our platform is no different. Drop us a line and let us know your thought, of any issues you might be having and we will do our very best to hear you out and accommodate you. 

Use this form to reach out with general questions, topics, concerns you might have. Your information and communications will always remain private and between us.

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Feel free to express your concerns and ideas for the Modern Patriot, we are always happy to hear from our patrons about how they think we can improve our platform and ideas.

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