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WAR! Israel is attacked. Paid for by Joe Biden, Barrak Obama, Hillary Clinton, and their Democrat Machine

Hamas parades bodies of victims in their lastest attack on unarmed people

Hundreds Dead! More Captured or Injured in Israel

The total tallies are unknown at this point, but we do know that hundreds are dead with more taken hostage. Entire families were destroyed as Iranian-backed Hamas continued with, what began as a surprise attack. 

In today’s news, we discover that included in the hostages and casualties, are American tourists and Americans living abroad.

There is no mistaking that this was either completely ignored by our government and leadership or was missed completely. In either scenario, there is no acceptable excuse and these individuals should resign from their posts in Congress, including Congressman Derrick Van Ordin (District 3 – WI) who has consistently sided with heavy funding for the “war” in Ukraine including that last shutdown “stop gap” bill. 

It is ever more apparent that the established GOP we are trusting with representing our wants, needs, and direction are being ignored which is nothing new. When confronted, with Derrick’s response to his own actions and support of the policy Kevin McCarthy allowed democrats to cram down our throats, the congress responded with denials and then posted the link to the WEF website application for federal office. 

These people simply DO NOT CARE. Seems more that the opposition is restricted to “harsh” social media critiques rather then actually doing the job they were hired to do. 

Kevin McCarthy Ordered to Vacate the Speakership in Congress
Kevin McCarthy Ordered to Vacate the Speakership in Congress

The removal of Kevin McCarthy

On October 3rd, 2023, Kevin McCarthy was formally voted out of his seat as Speak of the House in Congress by 8 Republicans and 208 Democrats.

Many would speculate as to the motives for the uprising but we can derive some understanding from the actions and responses to the removal. The Republican establishment, largely anti-Trump, has put its foot down blaming these 8 congressional leaders for the entire body getting caught with their noses open.

It is undeniable that while they were busy funding the questionable Ukraine War with Russia, they completely missed or deliberately missed the gathering of materials and weapons happening leading up to the Hamas attack yesterday. 

The Biden administration managed to eek a statement out condemning the attacks despite having released the funds, which likely funded the planning and execution of the attack. One has to ask and wonder, how much “war” does 6 billion actually buy? Rather then getting answers, we only have more questions. 

These questions do not seem to have an answer in sight as both house democrats and republicans scramble to point fingers at each other and the vacating of McCarthy, with Congressmen Derrick Van Ordin incinuating that due to the vacancy, Congress would not be able to issue a declaration of war. 

Laughable at best considering such a defence would not require one. But to Republicans like him, that doesn’t and will never matter because he has no idea what he is doing and is taking his leads directly from the party overlords.  

If the primary responsibility of the Federal Government (Congress) is to provide for a common defense and to enforce property rights, then with the past ten years of rioting and looting, the genderization of our military, the state-sanctioned theft of private property in pursuit of a political rival, and now the added insult of blatantly funding a fake proxy war in Ukraine while also setting the stage for a horrific attack that as no doubt claimed American lives already. 

I hope you will all join me in “booing” these people and the outcomes they have wrough upon us. 

In a recent interview, Congressman Van Ordin stated that he cannot do the job without someone to tell him what to do. A great soldier to be sure, dutifully following orders, but that doesnt and will not tranlate into net posistive outcomes for Wisconsintes living in District 3 or the peoplem of the untited states. 

As the world turns, Democrat policy in Washington burns Israel and citizens abroad.

How many “do-overs” does this class of people get before we finally wake up? Normally it is not as linear but in this case, the path to loss was clear and right out in the open. What happened to three strikes an your out?


In 2016, the Obama “lame duck’ administration publically stood behind sending 400 million dollars, literal pallets of cash directly to Iran using US Military Aircraft. 


August 2021, the Biden administration makes a unilateral decision to leave all US arms behind and abandon the Hamid Karzai International Airport, as described by his own Gen. Millie as a “strategic failure”. Hundreds Dead, including 


September 11th, 2023 the Biden admin announced the release of 6 billion dollars in frozen assets back to Iran and stated no issues because it was “not taxpayer funded” in exchange for 5 no-name prisoners. 


October 7th, 2023 Hamas, a fully backed and funded terror group that operated in the Gaza Strip portion of Israel’s south state territory, is attacked. Iran publically celebrates with many Anti-Israel politicians in Washinton, such as AOC, to defend the terror group’s actions. 

The weakness in the White House, as described by Congressman Bryon Donalds on Fox News this morning, is also ever present within the Republican and democrat party leadership on the hill. The outcomes are irrefutable and merely require one to open their eyes and ears. 

Their terrible actions and policy are the catalyst for the riots, lootings, rapes, murders, etc. that we watch unfold daily on our news. 

We implore you, readers, to understand that “this”, whatever “this” is, will not stop until we stand up and hold Washington to account and live by the same standards we hold others to. 

American weapons left behind during the failed withdrawl of Afganistan are being used in the attack on Israel.

This morning, it was confirmed by Hamas posting around social media that the weapons were smuggled into Gaza via their shared border with Eygpt and that those weapons, or at least a portion of them, are American Military weapons left behind following the failed withdrawl of Afganistan. 

Israel: US arms left in Afghanistan reach Gaza

Over 700 dead, with Israel declaring war for the first time in over 40 years. How was this missed? How did the most informed body of lawyers and representative miss the force amassing right under their noses? 

Failed Afgan Withdrawl sets stage for Hamas Attack
Failed Afgan Withdrawl sets stage for Hamas Attack


Find Out More About Being A Modern Patriot

Our society has become hyper-partisan and almost completely driven by narratives we, more often than not, find out were false or presented in a misleading way. All the while the needs and will of the people are going largely ignored and unattended. 

The MP recognizes that the time for pointing fingers has long since passed. It simply doesn’t matter who started what or did what. We know that enough time has gone by that the roots of our issues have mostly become institutionalized and are not necessarily the fault of any one person currently in a position of influence but the culture which has grown and has begun seeding within American culture. 

A “WOKE” idealogy that uses the individual’s base differences and seeks to then isolate and then instill a -paranoid fear of their immediate and large communities with the implicit goal of then “providing” solutions and protections to those individuals at the cost of unconditional support. 

The Modern Patriots seek to rise above and provide platforms, candidates, and commentary for governance that are not restricted by traditional party dogma. We recognize that no particular political party has all the “right” and “wrong” answers and we refuse any dogma which seeks to generalize and politically stereotype any individual for any reason into a corner.

The days of “Conflict Capitalism” affecting our daily lives must come to an end.  


The Future can be Light or Dark

We are and have been in a generational transition. These transitions have occurred several times, not just in our own American history, but also many many times throughout the history of the world.

During these transitions, that society’s mettle and character are tested as norms become taboo and our culture begins to clear space for who we are transitioning into. This is not going to be fun and most likely will be very painful to both the individual and the world around us as a whole.

The last time our nation was in one of these transitions it started following WW2 and culminated with the rise of the liberals in the 1970s. Previously we have seen traditions of this magnitude following the civil war and ending post-WW2 with the passing of the civil rights acts.

No matter your knowledge or understanding of these periods and others, bear one thing in mind. The world in that era was new and had known irrevocably changed. From the language to the daily interactions of people, the way we educated our kids, and so on. We, as individuals and as a society, had a choice to make. To let go and evolve with our new environment or dig in and become a pariah of society.

During these times, we saw shifts in political idealogy as a younger more connected generation replaced the old and aging one which carried the torch previously.

It is this path, this new future, this transition that Modern Patriots seek to be involved with and shaping in a way that allows for the values of our old era which are relevant and beneficial to us to carry over while responsibly shaping our platforms for the coming generations.

Patience & Time

The MP realizes that we (our society) didn’t just “miraculously” get to where it is, good and bad. It got here because our founding fathers understood that an American Society is a society that lives and breathes with the times. Our strength has always been our ability to adapt and overcome all adversity and animosity, both foreign and domestic.

A “Coat” of Many Colors

Without saying anything religious, there is much wisdom and ideas to consider within the good books and the culture within which they inspire.

Abraham Lincoln is often quoted as saying “Common-looking people are the best in the world: that is the reason the Lord makes so many of them” and the prophet Muhammud once said “Be kind, for whenever kindness becomes part of something, it beautifies it. Whenever it is taken from something, it leaves it tarnished.”

The Modern Patriot believes that perspective and having a plethora of perspectives is key to what comes next.

It Takes a Village

We have watched as the “center” perspective which used to keep our country on a even keel disapear. Tax payers and Voters forced into a gerrmandered ala carte repeating cycle of partisan support traps. Is it any wonder why we are so divided?

This is the course correct the MP has resigned itself to propagating. We recognize that not any one political party or idealogy has all the solutions and not any single party doctrine can be wholly discounted as being evil or wrong. 

The average person would think that it is easy to delineate and be able to choose between wheat and chaff however in today’s world, in light of the proof that most of our social media was corrupted by a political class, we have to realize that this was only made possible by the lack of direction and clear objectives which were instead replaced with hyperbole and political distractions mixed with hints of progress, all of which, was presented through a sanitized lens of social and legacy media. 

It is time to organize a new future, one with clear goals which are focused on policy. A movement that is prepared to break from the existing party dogmas and structures if it means moving forward as a nation. 


The Modern Patriot Directory

The MP Directory is a listing of dedicated groups and individuals who are just like you. Uninterested in settling political scores of others and simply want solutions to be implemented and a stop loss released.

Getting your group or organization listed with the Modern Patriot is free. We only ask that you submit your group’s information and answer the survey questions honestly and with integrity.

The Modern Patriot is not “right” or “left” leaning in nature and encourages groups and organizations of all types to participate. Our primary objective is to get you exposure and increase your presence in the digital world.

Be the Change You Desire In The World

An example of this non-partisan nature is how we present offices and candidates. Readers and participants will note that we will never call attention to an individual’s party’s allegiances or affiliations. The reason for this is to prevent split-second decisions individuals can and will make based on the behavioral conditioning we all have experienced during the previous political culture. 

Put simply. A Modern Patriot hears words & ideas and seeks understanding first.

The Modern Patriot Social Network

Within our main web platform, anyone can register for an account which they may use to interact and organize their movements and platforms. There is no charge and will always remain free.

The Modern Patriot crew and primary leadership are from various digital, communications, and IT industries. Our platform will never sell your data or use it for anything other than account tracking within our network. We are privately funded and determined to remain independent. 

Sign Up is easy and free.

Web Development & Administration

The Modern Patriot knows how expensive it is to get a web platform going. 

We provide basic web services for those groups and induvial who either do not have a budget or lack the technical skills needed to develop such a platform. 

First, you will need to reach out and contact us about your project so we can understand the scope of your platform and the vision behind it.

Second, you will need to purchase a domain ( from any ICANN-certified register. We recommend using Google Domains.

Third, If you cannot afford or do not know where to begin with website hosting, the Modern Patriot will provide you with some secure server space and a few email accounts to get you going. 

You can contact us or submit your group’s information in several ways, but ultimately, we will have to have a loosely formal meeting. 

Unified Communications

In our cutlery of skills, the MP also can help organize and launch your organization’s digital and analog communications through a cadre of tools and services from social media automation to hosted PBXs/Phone Systems. 

We understand most voices are either under equipped or underfunded. We can help with equipping your camp with the toolkits needed to compete in today’s political arena. 

MP Political Aggitants, Activists, Officials

The Modern Patriot is many things. One of those is serving as a jump-off point and support service provider for public officials, candidates, companies, NGOs, Parties, and Individuals. 

The MP observes strict adherence to the openness of discussion and challenge to established norms and ideas. All are expected to promote the platform’s ideals and goals regardless of party narrative or partisan goals. 

If you as an individual are not prepared to potentially stand down against the pressures of partisan politics then you most likely will not be a good fit as a Modern Patriot. Being a Modern Patriot demands that an individual “walk the line” and carry themselves with the utmost integrity. 

  • be constructive 
  • be clear
  • be open
  • be respectful
  • be patient
  • be human

Candidates & Office Seekers

The modern patriot team is very effective at many aspects of campaigning for public office. That means helping with the writing of policy, donations, informative articles, press releases, and more.

Additionally, we can help with staff vetting, opposition outreach, paper design, communications, analytics, and messaging. 

We also provide an extensive resource center for publications and important information regarding elections and candidacy. We encourage you to review that information which can be found here

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Political Candidate Support Services

what the modern patriot does

The modern patriot is a political platform that provides patriot content, a voice of reason, and candidate platform support service. We work with local, state, and federal organizers and office seekers to help them hone their message, push content to the masses, introduce the right people to their platform, and help our supporters and friends grow in ways they couldn’t achieve on their own.

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