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Aaron Winters – A Home Grown Psycho and Woman Abuser

Domestic Abuse Awareness Spotlight - Aaron Winters - Wisconsin Rapids, WI

National Domestic Violence Hotline

Phone: 800-799-7233

SMS: Text START to 88788

Wisconsin Rapids Family Center

Phone: 715-421-1511

Wood County Distrricts Attouney Office

Phone: (715) 421-8515

Official Website

Beater of Women

NAME: Aaron Winters

CITY: Wisconsin Rapids, 54494

Important Information & Links

Domestic Abuse Awareness Month

This month-long period of awareness and outreach is meant to support and help prevent domestic abusers from claiming victims. Victims, in some cases, may even be reluctant to leave their tumultuous surroundings. Victims who may not even know they are even victims as violence between couples becomes more and more commonplace. 

Beyond our typical stereotypes, beyond what we often think is happening, more often than not, we ignore, specifically, domestic violence and issues we see as “couple stuff”. We say to ourselves, “It’s not my problem”, sometimes, we, ourselves are abusers in different ways and steep our silence in fear of being caught ourselves. 

Unique among abuse, domestic abuse never seems to rise to the heights it should and in this writer’s opinion, it’s time to start crossing some lines and making folks aware again of the monsters that live among us. 

Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) evolved from the “Day of Unity” in October 1981 conceived by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. The intent was to connect advocates across the nation who were working to end violence against women and their children. The Day of Unity soon became an entire week devoted to a range of activities conducted at the local, state, and national levels.

The activities conducted were as varied and diverse as the program sponsors but had common themes: mourning those who have died because of domestic violence, celebrating those who have survived, and connecting those who work to end violence. The Silent Witness Project is often observed during DVAM made up of painted red, life-sized figures with shields that tell the story of individual women and others who died as a result of domestic violence in the previous year.  The display is said to be viewed in at least 46 states on an annual basis.

In October 1987, the first Domestic Violence Awareness Month was observed. That same year marked the initiation of the first national domestic violence toll-free hotline. In 1989 the U.S. Congress passed Public Law 101-112 designating October of that year as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Such legislation has passed every year since with NCADV providing key leadership in this effort. Each year, the Day of Unity is celebrated on the first Monday of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Abuse of Women is nothing new for Aaron...

After being made aware of Mr. Winters a few months back when he apparently was dodging law enforcement for an outstanding warrant related to another Domestic Abuse charge, I did the same thing we all did. We just kept it to ourselves. I didn’t know of anything, I didn’t see anything, all I knew then was hearsay, and having a background in political rumor, hearsay counts for exactly nothing. 

that was until I received a recording that depicts an unhinged, raging, beta male as he berates, threatens, and may have become physical towards his partner at that time. It was then that I turned my attention to Aaron and after reviewing what I could, I felt a need to tell the rest of you.

The documented story of repeated abuse of others begins in 2010-ish but as I am sure with most of you, we can all safely assume that there is, in fact, some abuse perhaps in Aaron’s own history however that would not and certainly does not excuse nor assuage responsibility for his own actions, and prior to continuing, I do hope the Honorable Greg Potter does not let this man slide for his current crimes, his past crimes, or for the future ones he will no doubt commit unless the legal system intervenes. 

It appears this all began for Aaron in 2005 with a DUI, and since, he has been charged and convicted for hit and run, probation violation, and other violations, even being ordered into psych counseling in 2005 following the first DUI. Clearly, there were problems and he may have been lashing out as a cry for help, but the point is that these problems are nothing new.

There has been a consistent and ever-present hostility towards “women” but it is my experience that this behavior and abuse is more often than not, not limited to just one person. In many cases, this abuse can manifest itself and be wrought down on new partners and children within the influence sphere of the abuser. 

It is important that we as a society begin to speak up and out, not just to law enforcement but also to each other. We keep each other safe and abuse of this nature can happen to almost any person alive today. From kids and women to full-grown men and it is my expressed hope that the information presented here inspires others to speak out as well… someone has to.

The Recording from 2020

The following was given to me anonymously by a citizen of Wisconsin Rapids. It is a recording of an interaction between Aaron and a woman he was seeing at the time in 2020, who would later securde a restraining order of protection from Aaron, subsequently filing criminal complaints with the Wisconsin Rapids PD

Mature Content means do not let your kids listen to this. 

In a Domestic Awareness Month message, a victim of Aaron’s has decided to spread her message and make her voice heard. We applaud and stand behind her entirely. We hope that someday she and the others will find some peace and move on or continue to move on to lighter spaces.
As October starts at the end of this weekend.
October is Domestic Abuse Awareness Month. 3 women a day don’t get to tell their story. Why? They lost their life at the hands of their abuser. On average it takes a woman 7 times to leave their abuser. 7 times she may not get a second chance at life. 7 times she’s shamed for leaving but, shunned for staying.
I will tell my story over and over with conviction. I will tell my story in hopes it encourages the next woman to leave. I will tell my story because my voice can still be heard. I will tell my story because while my ex tells everyone I’m crazy, I’m speaking the truth. I will tell my story because losing my life means more to my ex than him possibly going to prison.
Abusers will trap you with children or in my case marriage. They think you won’t leave. They will alienate you from everyone and make you believe they are all you need.
I left for good after two times. I left because I knew if I stayed id end up dead. I left because my life matters.
Do not ever ask a woman why she stayed or why she went back. Those questions haunt me every single day.
I will not go into extreme details of what I endured.
In 2020, my ex was found guilty of disorderly conduct with enhancer domestic abuse.
He said he changed. It would never happen again.
On June 27, 2021 one week after the court approved contact between us. He spent 4 hours beating me. Beating me so bad that I’m deaf in one ear and mostly blind in one eye. I can see, just not much. He used a bat because he said he can’t go to prison for this and he wanted me to die that night.
June 12, 2023 he was charged with felony strangulation/suffocation with felony enhanced domestic abuse repeater. Domestic battery with felony enhancer domestic abuse repeater, disorderly conduct with enhancer domestic abuse repeater. This case is still pending so I can’t talk about it.
He is a convicted felon because of domestic abuse. He got in trouble because I fought for not only myself but every woman he did this to before me. I fought for myself because my will to live was stronger than his will to kill me.
Life doesn’t pause for the trauma you go through. I had to move. I have to go to trauma therapy. I lost my 16 year old dog that I had since I was 19. I live with this trauma. It forever has changed me as a person. The only thing that kept me going and staying strong is the people that stand behind me. I have the greatest support system.

Key Points in Research

  • Starting with a DUI/OWI, Aaron was initially ordered to take a psychological evaluation which would be the first of three, the third yet to be completed. This includes multiple instances of repeated domestic battery and abuse but also a hit-and-run in 2006.
  • There is a clear disregard for all other’s safety and personal rights
  • There is a clear line between escalating and intensifying behavior in the violence toward women.

The Timeline of Documented Crimes & Abuse Cases

  • 2005 – DUI (Wood County) – 2005CT000443
  • 2006 – Operating With Revoked DL due to OWI/DUI – 2006CT001305
  • 2006 – Hit and Run with Revoked DL – 2006CT000594**
  • 2007 – Breaking & Entering/Criminal Trespass – 2007CF000037
  • 2008 – Disorderly Conduct/Domestic Abuse – 2008CM000058
  • 2008 – Battery/Disorderly Conduct/Prop. Damage – 2008CM000714
  • 2009 – Resisting/Failing to Stop/Fleeing an Officer- 2009CT000638
  • 2010 – Restraining Order filed by Michelle Nieman – 2010CV000148
  • 2019 – Damage to Property – 2019CM000738
  • 2020 – 2x – Domestic Abuse/Disorderly Conduct – 2020CM000487
  • 2021 – Restraining Order filed by Erin Gentz – 2021CV000265
  • 2021 – Voting Rights Ineligibility – 2021CF000576
  • 2023 – Restraining Order filed by Erin Gentz – 2023CV000212
  • 2023 – 3x – Strangulation and Suffocation – 2023CF000347

**Bench Warrant Issued 

Recent on the wire

As of late, it seems that Aaron has moved on to other prospects while he is entrenched in a criminal battle over an incident earlier this year where he strangled and beat a Wisconsin Rapids woman. There is not much about this court filing as I am sure is due to it being ongoing. 

What is Domestic Abuse?

Domestic Abuse can take many forms and be accomplished by an abusor in many ways both directly and indirectly. It is important to note that confirmation bias is real and sometimes we also may see something or hear something out of context which turns out to be false or incorrect. 

If you see out right and obvious acts of aggression, brusies, sudden changes in behvior in someone close to you like a sibling, spuse, friend, or neihbor, try to talk to them about things and if nothing else, contact your local Sherrif or Police Deptarments and speak in confideance knowing that is exactly what you would want another to do for you. 

  • Physical Abuse: This is the most recognizable form, including hitting, slapping, choking, and other acts of physical harm.
  • Emotional Abuse: It involves diminishing the victim’s self-worth, often through humiliation, constant criticism, or intimidation.
  • Sexual Abuse: Coercing or attempting to coerce any unwanted sexual behavior without consent. This includes marital rape.
  • Economic Abuse: Taking control over the victim’s finances, withholding money, or preventing the victim from working.
  • Psychological Abuse: Causing fear through intimidation; threatening to physically hurt oneself, the partner, or children, destruction of property; and harming pets.
  • Stalking: Repeatedly watching, following, or harassing a person, causing them to fear for their safety.

An hill to die on...

The conclusion here is that the actions of this person are not some “one-off” item that one can simply brush off and say “They will do better next time” and it is abundantly obvious that we are trending the other way.

You could say, that domestic abuse is something that is never going away, well, it is my feeling that we should never accept it either. Not within our families, our social circles, or our society. For every silence, a victim goes unheard. They could be your family, sibling, neighbor, or even your own child and while we bicker and argue over the atrocities of our political class and establishment, remember that the issues they exploit only serve to ensure that real victims go unseen and unheard. 

Never forget that the overall well-being of our society largely depends on how involved and active a community is within itself. The more disconnected we become here locally, the more likely it is that abuse and other crimes in the home, go unnoticed. 

As always readers, we only write what is true and hope it helps you make up your own minds. This writer’s mind was made up long ago. Keep your hands to yourself, Treat others as you would be treated. 

We do not encourage anyone to act in any way, but no one is stopping you from calling the Wood County District Attorney and expressing to their office that you want a safer community and encourage them to continue to work diligently towards that end. 


Find Out More About Being A Modern Patriot

Our society has become hyper-partisan and almost completely driven by narratives we, more often than not, find out were false or presented in a misleading way. All the while the needs and will of the people are going largely ignored and unattended. 

The MP recognizes that the time for pointing fingers has long since passed. It simply doesn’t matter who started what or did what. We know that enough time has gone by that the roots of our issues have mostly become institutionalized and are not necessarily the fault of any one person currently in a position of influence but the culture which has grown and has begun seeding within American culture. 

A “WOKE” idealogy that uses the individual’s base differences and seeks to then isolate and then instill a -paranoid fear of their immediate and large communities with the implicit goal of then “providing” solutions and protections to those individuals at the cost of unconditional support. 

The Modern Patriots seek to rise above and provide platforms, candidates, and commentary for governance that are not restricted by traditional party dogma. We recognize that no particular political party has all the “right” and “wrong” answers and we refuse any dogma which seeks to generalize and politically stereotype any individual for any reason into a corner.

The days of “Conflict Capitalism” affecting our daily lives must come to an end.  


The Future can be Light or Dark

We are and have been in a generational transition. These transitions have occurred several times, not just in our own American history, but also many many times throughout the history of the world.

During these transitions, that society’s mettle and character are tested as norms become taboo and our culture begins to clear space for who we are transitioning into. This is not going to be fun and most likely will be very painful to both the individual and the world around us as a whole.

The last time our nation was in one of these transitions it started following WW2 and culminated with the rise of the liberals in the 1970s. Previously we have seen traditions of this magnitude following the civil war and ending post-WW2 with the passing of the civil rights acts.

No matter your knowledge or understanding of these periods and others, bear one thing in mind. The world in that era was new and had known irrevocably changed. From the language to the daily interactions of people, the way we educated our kids, and so on. We, as individuals and as a society, had a choice to make. To let go and evolve with our new environment or dig in and become a pariah of society.

During these times, we saw shifts in political idealogy as a younger more connected generation replaced the old and aging one which carried the torch previously.

It is this path, this new future, this transition that Modern Patriots seek to be involved with and shaping in a way that allows for the values of our old era which are relevant and beneficial to us to carry over while responsibly shaping our platforms for the coming generations.

Patience & Time

The MP realizes that we (our society) didn’t just “miraculously” get to where it is, good and bad. It got here because our founding fathers understood that an American Society is a society that lives and breathes with the times. Our strength has always been our ability to adapt and overcome all adversity and animosity, both foreign and domestic.

A “Coat” of Many Colors

Without saying anything religious, there is much wisdom and ideas to consider within the good books and the culture within which they inspire.

Abraham Lincoln is often quoted as saying “Common-looking people are the best in the world: that is the reason the Lord makes so many of them” and the prophet Muhammud once said “Be kind, for whenever kindness becomes part of something, it beautifies it. Whenever it is taken from something, it leaves it tarnished.”

The Modern Patriot believes that perspective and having a plethora of perspectives is key to what comes next.

It Takes a Village

We have watched as the “center” perspective which used to keep our country on a even keel disapear. Tax payers and Voters forced into a gerrmandered ala carte repeating cycle of partisan support traps. Is it any wonder why we are so divided?

This is the course correct the MP has resigned itself to propagating. We recognize that not any one political party or idealogy has all the solutions and not any single party doctrine can be wholly discounted as being evil or wrong. 

The average person would think that it is easy to delineate and be able to choose between wheat and chaff however in today’s world, in light of the proof that most of our social media was corrupted by a political class, we have to realize that this was only made possible by the lack of direction and clear objectives which were instead replaced with hyperbole and political distractions mixed with hints of progress, all of which, was presented through a sanitized lens of social and legacy media. 

It is time to organize a new future, one with clear goals which are focused on policy. A movement that is prepared to break from the existing party dogmas and structures if it means moving forward as a nation. 


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An example of this non-partisan nature is how we present offices and candidates. Readers and participants will note that we will never call attention to an individual’s party’s allegiances or affiliations. The reason for this is to prevent split-second decisions individuals can and will make based on the behavioral conditioning we all have experienced during the previous political culture. 

Put simply. A Modern Patriot hears words & ideas and seeks understanding first.

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