What is 9 11

How 9/11 started and what it has become are two very different things as daily we see our rights and voices targeted for speaking our lives exactly as they are.

What is 9/11

What is the score?

On September 11th, 2001 the entire world changed in a matter of hours. We woke up that morning to find that we were no longer untouchable. Our mindset of America being this isolated and powerful nation was shattered as a bunch of, what amounted to be, goat herders trained themselves how to fly commercial jets and staged the most devastating attack on American soil since the war of 1812 leading to the largest American casualty count since the Jonestown cult massacre/mass suicide in the 1970s. 

In a single moment, a handful of people took the entire military industrial complex and switched its focus from focusing on large and visible threats to an emphasis on individual threats a single person or small group can enact and execute.

2,996 Americans and individuals perished on that day. I can remember sitting in high school anatomy class and seeing the second plane striking its intended target, another act in a cascading series of events leaving a cloud of fallout spanning decades. It remains unseen just how many lives were cut short, effected, and/or destroyed on that day.

As we all know, GW was in office and suddenly we began hearing dialog and rhetoric most of us hadn’t heard since WW2. An “Axis of Evil” had been identified. An “unholy alliance” of middle eastern extremists was identified. Theories were spun, targets were chosen, enemies were made, a policy was written, lives were lost, and fortunes were made.

Immediately, as if all at once, we began to enact policy and actions to limit the rights of the individual, increase the ability to surveil the American public as well as began a war on terror riding the fears and fallout from our most deadly day.

A war that would consume thousands of more lives as we for the first time, witnessed our political and military class seize the moment to begin pursuing their own agendas which culminated with no weapons of mass destruction being found, hundreds of thousands dead, trillions spent, and the capture, trial, and execution of Sadam Hussain which gave rise to the Arab springs and over a decade of radical Islamic types running rampant. 

The Act of Patriots

A little over a month after the 9/11 attacks, GW and the federal government enacted the Patriot Act which gave our federal government unprecedented power to surveil and act against potential threats to our nation and her security. The department of homeland security was created, our private communications would be searched, our modes and methods of travel changed, and the people cheered. 

Consequently, every step we took in securing ourselves from future attacks and acts of terrorism, gave rise to many actions, facets, and sentiments which were later then used by those in that very same government to justify turning those measures and controls to then begin targeting the very Americans it was intended and designed to protect but we patriots we too busy and focused on defending ourselves, demonstrating our blind courage, and dying bravely for it only to have, 20 years later, to be ordered to flee in shame of their sacrifice leading to a final 12 service people dying in a botched and ill-planned exit from what will go down as another Vietnam and American loss.

The old ones will always understand that graveyards belong to our heroes…

If someone were to ask me, “Kevin, how long do you think it would take for our political class to begin resembling fascist totalitarians?” My comfortable answer at this point is 20 years. 20 years to go from having the best intentions, the consent, faith of the people, and a thriving society unmatched anywhere else in the world to a country where we actually have law enforcement agencies targeting parents, using taxpayer resources, for speaking up their concerns regarding their children’s education. This is, of course, a problem if your goal is to manipulate younger generations into believing whatever version of history suits the narrative of that time which is the entire point of targeting those parents. 

So when I say, 20 years is what it took for those systems deployed to protect and hold us secure within our own borders, has now become a tool with which to surveil, identify, and target individual citizens for nothing more than taking a discerning interest in the activities of those who are and seek to govern us as a nation. 

The Road to Hell, was paved with the best intentions

Each year, we pull out our flags and thump our chests as we remember. But what are we remembering and how has it changed over time? A difficult question to answer without a doubt. Especially, when, in following decades would give rise to a nation that treats its own citizens worse than the terrorists and enemies the acts were inspired to protect us, the American people against. We have seen the fear resulting, the fear that comes with the insecurity of knowing we were no longer invulnerable. 

This is something we are all seeing happen with our own eyes but slow enough that like a boiling frog, we are not reacting in an effective way to navigate our environment. What used to seem like an obvious extreme has now become normal as we witness the double standards being imposed with not even a pretense of legitimacy.

We used to talk about protecting our borders from external threats abroad and now we have a sitting president who just days ago labels anyone who doesn’t support him and the idealogy they push as no better than the handful of radical Islamic terrorists who set the entire series of events and actions in motion. 

The continual use and overreach of our government agencies to slowly limit the rights of the individual have now become hyper-focused on targeting the political rivals of whatever party happens to be in power at the time. We are seeing our neighborhoods made less safe, our children’s development treated like lab experiments, manufactured crisis, a palpable double standard, and expectation of the general public. 

The outright undermining and betrayal of our ideals and security by those in power who seek to merely profit from their positions to a degree where our sitting president and the majority of those in government have manipulated the theater and landscape and attempt to turn any criticism of them into a moral accusation against the society they claim to represent. As if somehow, the efforts blatantly made were of no consequence as their words and actions inspire and fuel further dissent and animosity among and between ourselves, our communities, and our peers.  

The real Legacy of 9/11

As the heading suggests, the desired goal and stated purpose of our nation’s response to 9/11 and what our society has become as a result of it, is not only skewed, you might say that not only are we less safe, we are close to becoming targets of the people oath sworn and duty bound to protect us and our interests throughout the world and at home. 

Think I am lying? Think about the violence in our streets and cities and our response to that…

Each week, hundreds, if not thousands of people a murdered or violated in our cities across the nation, and most of that violence results from the policy of the leadership in that area. Between the attack 20 years ago and today, 100 times the initial number of people have been ended as bystanders then died on that day. More the 100 times have died from drugs like fentanyl which is only here due to the lack of security on our border. The irony in that is astounding to me in every way. We used to secure against intruders and threats, now if you identify a threat you are labeled a racist or a bigot. The very institutions meant to secure and save us from enemies abroad now work to label and categorize political dissenters as threats and terrorists. 

Everywhere you look, sedition and censorship is oozing out of our entire culture. Look no further to many of our own patriot groups, many of which will attack and isolate anyone who speaks their mind or opinion should it not fall in line with the admins while those same admins complain and rail against providers like Facebook doing the same thing to their group. I think it is pretty obvious that we are not paying attention or are simply just allowing ourselves to become willfully ignorant of the smell of our own shit. 

This and many other items affecting us may not have been what was intended but this is what we have become regardless. 

As I have said many times before, we gain nothing by becoming the very things we stand against. At the end of the day, none of us should be able to say with a straight face that conscience and courage were not convenient. 

Now more than ever, we need to stand and deliver on the ideals we both claim to stand for but believe governs our society and way of life, less we are simply just delaying the inevitable, in which case, I say its time to “poop or get off the pot” as we slowly succumb to the unsustainability of a house divided and in intentional disarray.


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