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Fauci is done but we are still losing

So what if he leaves. We are not going to get back the time, the money, the reletionships Dr. Anthony has costs us.

dr anthony fauci

Where is the accountbility?

Ok. So Fauci is resigning. I’ll take it.

But let’s have a real thought here. Why is it that every single person who intentionally acts in bad faith or completely drops the ball in government gets to retire?

Take Fauci for instance. First, he says masks do not work then goes balls deep into the narrative that we must all mask only to have everything undermined with facts later on that masks did absolutely nothing (yet still there are communities trying to impose mandates)

There were people who were attacked, fired, or otherwise treated badly. There were fines issued and lives were affected.

So why do these people get to walk into retirement or another position with zero accountability being taken let alone demanded?

Or James Comey, the guy stole docs and lied about a whole bunch, wrote a book about it, went on a national book tour, and is living his best life

Or any number of other things we see our political class do and have impacts on and just walk away. Do those people deserve compensation? or is it just “my bad bruh”

The reason for this is simple. They, meaning the political class, know that we the people will do nothing and can do nothing to hold them accountable.

You can’t even protest in today’s world unless you get an approved permit for doing so.

They invite, encourage, and ignore rioting and looting in some places and just push that cost off onto the taxpayers like it was their fault.

We have to start holding these people accountable and demanding punitive measures for those making the decisions beyond just voting someone out of office, be those by referendum/public trial or putting statutes on the books.

Absolutely none of us can live our professional lives like that.

In almost every professional of consequence, that worker or professional is required to carry insurance up their asses and are subject to all sorts of legal tests under such headings negligence, perjury, extortion, racketeering, conflict profiteering, malfeasance, mismanagement, fraud, and so on.

These people’s mistakes are costing us and while we give them the power to rule, that power does not and should not exempt them from the responsibility for decisions, actions taken or made during instances like the pandemic response which only crushed businesses, communities, and individuals for no reason other than political gain.
When their actions people’s entire lives were up-ended as they were forced to get shots that did not work or quit their jobs those people responsible should not just be allowed to quietly walk away under the subject heading of “restructuring”.

The fact that these people can make policy decisions that can land you unemployed, in jail, in financial hardship, under attack, etc. should not mean they get to walk away when it goes south without so much as acknowledging (at minimum) the consequences of their actions.

Just saying.
Rant over.


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