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Inner Institutional Retaliation In Westby There Are Victims On Both Sides

Conflict profiteering has become the newest cottage industry with politicians, activist groups, and individuals to a degree where we as a people live in fear of persecution from each other for grievances and injuries imagined or far removed from the times we live in


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The Prick Of Independence

No matter what side of the political spectrum a person falls on, there is one thing that every single red-blooded American can agree that our freedom to think for ourselves and express our opinions comes with many costs. Costs which we pay and have paid in blood, money, opportunity, emotional stress, and many others types of currency over almost 250 years.

These costs are not wholly implicit or explicit and,  for the most part, entirely dependent on how we, as individuals, taxpayers, and citizens,  choose to use and exercise that freedom of expression and thought.

By that, I mean expression above and beyond simply living one’s life and being an individual. The moments in life where you choose to confront something or keep quiet and allow that thorn to remain.

Sometimes it’s as simple as calling someone out for poor behavior and sometimes it’s standing up, putting yourself out there.

The issues resulting from our current political turmoil are now having real-world effects on individuals and citizens which even the most willing participant cannot really ignore. It has gotten to a point where we have coined a term (“cancel culture”) to describe, what is essentially, an instant and hostile emotional response when someone is questioned, has their views questioned, or simply doesn’t agree with the conflict capitalists’ on that particular day. 

This almost automatic and ubiquitous response pervades every aspect of our lives and our children’s lives. From our jobs to our schools, media, and even in our outlets of worship and we have our values dictated to us by people far removed from our lives, our families, and our communities. 

This is not what was intended.

The long and short, how I see it

For way too long, we have allowed our better natures to be exploited in such a way so as to control our daily lives based on the general claims that someone is being persecuted and targeted for things those people cannot control. This is then used for justification for further encroachment and restrictions on the individual’s civil rights and personal liberties.

Suddenly free speech is a gun and we are held to account for words we never fired. Our leaders and representatives line up to conflate issues and skew understanding while rigging our economic system against us. No I am not speaking against the free market. I am saying that perhaps we need to fresh perspective as too what the issue really is.

Consider for one moment, we accept what we know is not true or is not the norm and then allow ourselves to be effected with punitive measures which would not fix the issue if in fact there was an issue… 

What do you think that would be the most prudent first step? I think most people would agree that the first step is to stop letting themselves be effected by claims and insinuations they know in their hearts and minds to not be a part of themselves.

There is nothing to defend, and while I will not say there are not idiots out there, I refuse to believe that we are not a peaceful and accepting society. I do not believe that the majority of us walk around judging others for they skin color or their choice in partners. I think most people would agree that this world can be a harsh and cruel place, and count themselves lucky when they find someone who brightens things up a bit.

More over, I do not believe children, school teachers, aids, and parents wake up and begin planning out who they are going to hate on that particular day. But if you read the policy  material and listened to the narratives at the news, you would think that teachers, parents, and kids were hurling epithets around like turkey’s on thanksgiving. 

Behind Closed Doors

The Westby Area School District is proving to be no different than any number of districts across our state which have seen controlling bodies enact bad and harmful policies on students, teachers, and parents. Recently, some boys were suspended and charged with sexual harassment for not using the “correct” and “accepted” pronouns. In Westby Area School District, faculty and administrators are imposing a “woke” agenda on the children and retaliating against staff who do not accept the program without question when a 22 year veteran of that school system was admonished for disagreeing in outrage over being told that information regarding school district parents was to be withheld from them.

A clear warning given by many and ignored, we have the joy of seeing the insular effects on a population under increasing financial pressure simultaneously get exploited by the systems of social support they are increasingly relying upon. If you do not take “”self fulfilling prophecy” for 500″ at this point, we need to talk.

How Nice! We now have a curriculum of fear which if left unaddressed or undealt with in a meaningful way, will only ensure that this false perception and destructive narrative become a self perpetuating reality. A curriculum that could not be more blatant in its intention and meaning. Imposing adult concepts on minds that are not even developed and mature enough to have any meaningful understanding of in the first place.

Unless you live in and around Vernon County, WI, or the Westby School Districts you probably haven’t heard of Deb Easterday. This is most likely just a name to most reading this, however in her story, I believe we can and should all take a pause and see something to ground our perspectives.

Around two weeks ago, the WASD (Westby Area School District) began implementing its “recommendations” regarding gender identity education and protocols for staff and students.

This PDF was obtained showing the talking points and expectations while framing the subject in a way that makes it seem as though there is and was latitude in the discussion. During the discussion

Who do you think you are?

It was during this meeting the following material was handed out and the school principal gave over the meeting to Monica Murasky who began stating that the school would be supporting LGBTQ groups and individual students and withholding information and knowledge of their activities and information from their parents.

Stunned, the teaching aid veteran of 22-years, Deb Easterday exclaimed in understandable shock, “Are you kidding me?”. She spoke up when no other faculty would and was immediately put on administrative leave for nearly a week.

While Deb was allowed to return to work, our little birds are telling the MP that the entire faculty is treating her weirdly distant and deliberately so. We can only speculate as to why but given the previous week’s cliffhanger, we can only assume, that as a “non-contract” employee that the school was borderline close to crossing a line or two with regard to workplace laws preventing such retaliatory actions. 

The proof of pudding is in the eating.

Elections have consequences.

Elections most certainly have consequences. The parents, children, teachers and citizens of the Westby Area School District are starting to feel the effects of their spring election. Amazingly, the rumors are true and some school boards have allowed themselves to be pinned into a corner. Imagine for a second if that was your kid and secretly someone was encouraging them to hide things from you as their parent?

Is this really what the taxpayers across the county want in their classrooms? Clearly, they had options, so is it simply the people of Westby support withholding information from what is for almost all of us, the two people those kids have in this world who will understand and guide them no matter what? 

I am positive that most parents would agree that no one has the right to dictate what information be made known about their children to them including these faculty and administrators steering the ship.

The root of all evil

Regardless of who we think is to blame, the fact remains that for every finger one could point, there will always be three fingers pointing back at yourself. Besides, the problems that come from the lies behind identity politics are well known already. The question is, how do we fix them?

I for one, do not think restating the obvious will help anything nor do I think we should lose ourselves in fighting off the symptoms. The CRT, and the Gender Identity issues, are all symptoms. Yes, school choice will help some, but it will also cause other schools to collapse and other students to suffer. But what is the root of the problem in its simplest form, that lowest common denominator?

In Westby Area School District, it is funding and dealing with the debt the distinct has incurred due to restrictions on funding. No one wants to see their taxes raised but in all reality, that may be the only thing we can do to stop the rise of this radical ideology.

What I mean by that is schools’ budgets and funding needs typically exceed the tax collections allocated to them at the local, county, and state levels. In WASD’s situation, “Westby Area School District spends $12,325 per student each year. It has an annual revenue of $17,098,000. Overall, the district spends $6,459.2 million on instruction, $4,796.7 million on support services, and $420.1 million on other expenses.” –Link

Stay with me on this. Since we now know how much this is costing the WASD parents and taxpayers, let’s talk about the rate at which things are increasing there. In 2017-18, the overall cost of operations was just over $12 million. Just four years later that number is nearly 40% higher and climbing every day. 

The clincher here is that there are limits on tax collecting, funds not going directly to the schools, and due to the limit on taxation schools are left to reach out to state and federal lenders which not only overextend finances, it also typically will come with strings.

In the case of most schools, these federal programs, and lenders help them bridge the funding gaps not covered by the taxes collected within that district. What I have noticed in our educational institutions as well as public institutions is that where there is an extreme political culture there is also an increased reliance on federal funding. Funding is provided by programs like ESSER. Programs are used by our elected leaders to manipulate our most trusted institutions down to our local municipalities to impose what is supposed to be “positive” and “beneficial” policies and requirements on society. 

This system of pressure is seen all over the place with two notable cases being the medical records rollout of 1910 and the raising of the legal drinking age from 18 to 21. Brought to you by the same people who intentionally promote the welfare state model and reliance on bigger government. In the case of the Illinois toll road, it was originally intended to pay for the highways after their refusal to raise the drinking age which lead to the withholding of the federal funds they were used to having. 

The choice between a paycheck and a firing squad

We have all had to do things in our professional lives that we didn’t want to do. All of us have a need to eat and keep a roof over ours and our family’s heads, in some cases, we spend more time on the job than we do at home.

Do you truly think that these teachers and staff are any different than you? They have a job and that job’s activities and functions are laid out by supervisors and boards far above all our pay grades. Imagine the choice you would make when forced between the rock and a hard place? Teachers and staff have two choices, between angry parents and the people who sign their checks. As if they don’t have lives and families of their own. Can anyone really not understand why these individuals would choose to roll with the program versus standing up for people who perhaps, are not even considering what it is like to be in their shoes despite an abundance of relatable experiences?

The ruling elites and the agenda of social justice know this. They know that if we are busy fighting each other and pointing fingers, we won’t be looking for any meaningful solution and while I care about fixing issues within our government, the most important one should be to solve the issues affecting our children first. 

That means we also have to fix the issues our schools are facing regardless of our current feelings and or actions. The reality is that we cannot expect to have our cakes and eat them too. We need to think outside of the box and get creative in our approaches and get back to viewing each other as humans again. Each one of us can make a choice to lay down our swords and sort the problem out.

Connecting the Dots

The policy hacks and partisan types in Washington are manipulating things from more than one place. 

  • First, they work with the unions to control pay and indoctrinate faculty and staff. 
  • Second, they impose restrictions on funding, 
  • Third, they dissolve the home or put stress on parents to rely more on public services and welfare. 
  • Fourth, blame the effects of their actions on another group and create a perception that the institution is the one that is against them. 
  • Finally, they run for reelection and tell voters that they know how to and will fix the situation they created. 

The lynchpin of political control is and most certainly always comes down to funding. It is that simple, and while we can do nothing but allow time to heal the injuries and relationships between the schools and parents after 2 years of conflict, we can begin taking back control by solving the real issue behind the “why” behind the proliferation and rise of things like CRT and Gender Politics. We can choose to empathize with each other and realize that this is entirely a problem that with a little faith in others can be navigated.

I am also not making excuses for someone who knows better yet chooses the wrong path. But this is a process that has been used so long that not any particular person is really at fault. Sure we could blame certain people but the truth is that will not fix a single thing. We would simply be blaming sheep for the wool they have to create. 

The proof in the pudding

Still, looking for more correlation? Let’s look at the recent proposals on the table in the Westby Area School District, specifically the referendum the school is putting on the ballot this November. This referendum, as with most is not authoritative but revolves around restructuring the existing debt and coupling that with a loan of over $16 million dollars to help pay for all the new ADA and demands being made from the various political advisory bodies across our country. 

This money is being sought purely to avoid raising property taxes in the WASD area which currently is $1000 per $100,000 of valuation in the real estate market there. On a home or property worth $200k this amount to around $2200/yr in collectible taxes.  

The “want” and “need” are right there in the language if folks can simply put their emotions on a shelf and just look at what’s obvious. No matter what, the schools, the boards, the faculty, and kids end up in the same situation. This leads to one thing, narrowing from federal guided programs which introduce rules and stipulate curricula we might not otherwise agree with. 

My point in this is that the cost of operations is simply too high and getting higher every year. At the same time, citizens and taxpayers are upset if their taxes are raised to pay for things. That isn’t socialism or support of it either. I am simply pointing out that these institutions we expect to operate at the level we deem acceptable can’t unless we address the never-ending cycle of funding or lack thereof. This is why, while school choice is a good thing, the benefits eventually into the red once the migration of students has occurred.q It simply is not enough. We also need to look at alternative tax collection methods regarding schools as well as potentially raising local taxes. I would even support a reimbursement program for contractors and providers to offset costs that impact our school district’s bottom lines. Additionally, we might even remove or alievaite the financial restrictions entirely by letting the companies themselves benefit from what should be a positive moment and contribution to the communities they operate in. All it takes is for we citizens, as a group, to accept that the solution is not going to come from any elected official or candidate, the solutions are not going to be immediate nor will they be fun. 

It took us the better part of half a century to get to the point we are at and things are to a point where we have no choice but to hunker down and put certain things aside. Parents, Boards, and Teachers need to decide what makes more sense. Continuing a vicious cycle of manipulated outrage and risk potential long-term effects on future generations or trying to point fingers and avoid taking responsibility for the situations those same kids will inherit? Do we continue putting each other in impossible situations and circumstances or do we put things on hold and focus on what we can actually fix and repair?

The road is paved with lies and good "perceptions"

The story of Deb Esterday, a mother herself, should remind everyone that the educational institutions we assume are playing at the level, are for one reason or another willing to withhold information about children from their parents. The parents who are legally responsible for everything a child does until the age of 18…

Deb’s situation in WASD Effectively confirms the concerns of parents that their children are being encouraged to not communicate fully with their parents and for kids to keep secrets about their feelings and bodies from mom and dad because “those students might be uncomfortable and not want their parents to know”.

What I find most interesting here and with any “social justice” cause is that the end game IS to create exactly the issue they are bringing attention to. Very similar to how the National Socialist German Workers’ Party targeted Jewish people as scapegoats, a similar system of social prosecution and persecution is being hardwired into who we are as a society. 

It is in this system, that a small demographic and/or characteristic is singled out and targeted with propaganda to either make them appear as a victim or aggressor. The Left’s usage of this model, more often or not, involves framing a group as victims and then blaming, what amounts to everyday life struggles, on that characteristic. First creating a perception of persecution and then attempting to claim that they are the ones who can and will solve the issue, which is carefully managed in a way so it eventually becomes self-sustaining. 

In a speech, MLK told us that hate can only be taught. Whether a person actively or passively rigging outcomes against a group or person, victimization of any kind is wrong. So why did the voters of Westby allow a school board to allow a policy which would deliberately make children feel persecuted and then tell kids to not share their feelings with, what is for most of us, the only people we truly can. Better to trust the institution, right? 

This Is No Place For Heroes

To close, I simply want to say that this could be any one of us, not just the ones reading this article. The home… The workspace… Our children’s schools… They are all being manipulated and tampered with by people far removed from our daily lives yet somehow and in some way, they have effectively split our communities and broken the bonds of civility, friendship, understanding, and cohesiveness in the belief that we truly are a country for the people, by the people. 

This will not stop and does not stop until we decide it does. Stand and deliver.


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