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Westby School Board Shake Up

The Vernon County Trio Geniece Easterday, Stephanie Hutzler, & Josh Jorstad are shaking it up.

Vernon County WI School Board

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Its not just about masks and mandates

If you haven’t noticed or have been living in a cave, you may have noticed much outrage of issues and outcomes in our school system which came to the attention of many millions of parents across our country following the onset of the covid pandemic.

Suddenly, parents were slammed with distance learning, zoom meetings, homeschooling, etc. as publican institutions and schools responded to Covid-19. For the first time parents were really in the classroom hearing the content and context of the material being used by our education system. 

More shocking was the age at which some children were being introduced to the material. In some cases, borderline pornographic, in others, almost encourages children to hide aspects about themselves from their parents and family and pushes a narrative that makes parents out to be intolerant and uncaring towards their children. 

Most grievous was a curriculum that incorporated aspects and ideas from a twisted revisionist theory that seeks to hardwire folks to be hypersensitive to base differences so that “some” can profit politically and/or financially. 

At a certain point, the gap between the costs and outcomes becomes so large and apparent to the public at large, and change must occur. Keeping politics away from our children for as long as possible should be something at the forefront of every parent and involved individual in a child’s education process. 

Ensuring that our students have access to data and information is as important as the context required for subject material to be understood in an unbias and meaningful way.

It is important to develop our future adults who make thoughtful and informed decisions. Having officials who encourage or ignore the corruption of the material used in educating our students is unacceptable and many individuals are stepping up to rid our public institutions of undesirable elements and philosophies. 

The Trio of Vernon County

Over the past months, we have seen all sorts of candidates jump into the various races in our communities. Sometimes it feels like the choices we have are not going to be good no matter which way the coin falls. 

I wanted to highlight a few school board candidates we think are worth your time to consider if you happen to live in the Westby, WI Area and plan to vote on April 5th.  

It is time for a change in Westby, WI

 These three candidates for the school board want to bring accountability, discernment, and a “hands-on” approach back to the public school of Westby, WI. 

For them, it is not just about masks and CRT. We all know now that our school has many more problems than the two leading buzzwords and they are looking to change all that.

Not only are they just concerned parents, but they are also looking constructively at the issues facing and within our schools. From involvement and administration funding and spending to working “hands-on” with parents to develop and reestablish a healthy and politicized curriculum, the Westby Trio wants the voters in the Westby School District that the voters of Westby can have representatives on the Westby School Board who are empathetic, constructive, and ready to go to work. 

Friends don't let friends fight alone

Working towards a common goal is great. Working towards a common goal with a friend and someone you share a passion with is even better. Stephanie, Josh, and Geniece are planning on going to work as soon as they are seated in the office with established goals and expectations.

Change starts with a yes vote

It is important that everyone involved in our children’s education is in their position for the right reasons and those reasons should always revolve around the best interest of the students themselves and the expectation of the community at large.

If you are tired of being ignored, let down, and locked out of your children’s education or if you are a teacher who is tired of being told to “go along to get along”, then consider signing on to three like-minded and outcome orientated individuals who are ready to begin the journey toward the return to normalcy. 

Running on common issues


Student Experience Will Match Parents Expectations

Being parents themselves, each candidate will always work with other parents in mind. They want the voters in Westby to know that they understand what it is like to have your right to “know”  disregarded and ignored.


More Transparency on District Finances

Supports making all financial data relevant to the school system and activities public and gives citizens, parents, and teachers public time for asking questions and seeking answers. 


More Transparency on Curriculum Choices

Likewise, regarding curriculum materials and content, as board members, they will guarantee that all materials will be fair, balanced, and pertinent to the age group or will give time during meetings for questions and review.


Coming Down on Staff Overreach

These three plan on confronting the staff overreach happening within the school district. This overreach affects both students but also teachers and supporting faculty. 

They will be ready to sit down with parents and teachers alike in order to make sure they have a say so and input into the curriculum and operations of the school. 

Stephanie Hutzler

Westby Area School Board, Seat #2 – Coon Valley Rep

Josh Jorstad

Westby Area School Board, Seat #4 - Westby

Geniece Easterday

Westby Area School Board, Seat #7 - At Large

From higher taxes, lowered standards, targeted bully tactics, or even out-and-out acts of politicization, the parents, teachers, and taxpayers alike are throwing their hands up and screaming “enough is enough”. It’s time for a change in Westby.

We are all asking “WHY IS IT SO HARD JUST TO DO YOUR JOB AND FOLLOW THROUGH ON GOOD LEADERSHIP?!”… or at least that is what we at the Modern Patriot find ourselves doing.


The discipline to operate with spending limits and demonstrating transparency


Freedom of thought needs to be protected and encouraged.


Respect the parent’s right as the primary decision-maker in a child’s life and education


Teach our children to work hard, do their best, show respect to others, and protect family values

Vote for  Stephanie, Josh, and Geniece on April 5th for the Westby School Board


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