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Badger State Resistance, Justin Schmidtka’s Dad, and Backhanded Incohesive Attacks

Badger State Resitance, Justin Schmidka, his father, and the incohesive attacks they mount are getting more dumb and even more desperate.


Justin Schmidka, Wichmann's lacky, is at it again.

Those familiar with the last article about Justin Schmidtka and Jonathan Wichmann’s backhanded and subversive strategy of obtaining office will know that they are two people completely undeserving of office and are willing to say anything or hurt anyone in order to gain power in Wisconsin.

They have shown themselves to be complete betas and we feel, as we do with many candidates in the current cycle, should not ever see office nor have any access to real authority. 

I say this because, at a time where being honest and having integrity are what people desire most, these two candidates have consistently shown that the only play they have is attempting to push half-baked narrative and propaganda as a means of trying to ride negativity into office. Spouting what they think people want to hear without any real intention of actually delivering on the promises they are making. 

Since the last article, we have seen both Justin and Jonathan engage using Justin Schmidtka’s podcast, the Badger State Resistance, to promote themselves and their incoherent platform which primarily consists of repeating some buzzwords or gas lighting phrases and then attempting to associate that word or phrase with someone they either do not like or are currently running against during this election cycle.

For those who haven’t read the article I mention, Justin was caught trying to spread gossip and rumors about other campaigns and when he was called out and told to answer those claims, due to the number of lies he told and the number of people he told those lies too, he couldn’t deny without having those people come out and denounce him for what he was and is, a liar, a cheat, and someone desperate to hold office.

We encourage you to read the article if you have not already. He then when on his podcast with his wife to do exactly what BSR is doing now to challengers to both his race for Secretary of State but also Jonathan Wichmann’s competitors in the Wisconsin Lieutenant Governors race. 

Starting fights and claiming to be a victim

Just recently at an event, we were cited as complaining how my previous article “went too far” even though that article came out after Justin Schmidka and his wife went on their podcast to “discredit” me and talk about my testosterone levels. Not only was it weird, but in their typical fashion, they made a claim and then ran with incohesive circular logic as some way of proving their claims.

Well, it would appear obvious at this point to anyone listening that their entire cast of characters, which happen to be family, are all the same and speak in the same circular logic we have all become familiar with, though we mostly see it with Democrats and Liberals. 

First, they make a general statement and then begin repeating that claim following a “tie in” which happens to be their target that day. 

A small except from the "discrediting"

Interesting enough, Justin’s dad was the person he sent out to defend him against the claims, long proven, against him. 

These claims included lying about a meeting with Kevin Nickolson, Outing another candidate for possibly switching races or dropping out, and then contacting supporters of another candidate and telling them false information about that candidate dropping out as a means of floating Jonathan Wichmann changing races, which he eventually did. You may recall both Schmidtka and Wichmann selling it on their pages as a “selfless” act attempting to retain their supporters which were largely let down.

As we stated in the previous article, all Justin had to do was answer those publically, and still, he has not done so. It’s all just one big conspiracy to stop him from reaching office according to him and he is a victim. 

It’s funny to me that someone who claims to be a conservative would start a fight and deal dirt with others and then complain about getting called out for their own behavior.

Sadly, we are again writing to inform our readers that Justin and Jonathan have continued to act dishonestly and spin lies and down talk about folks competing in the races they are running or are new to running. 

The Apple Doesn't fall far from the tree

Ever since that article, Justin has been trying to convince people that he was a victim despite it being verified that not only did he spread the rumors and lies he was charged with, but it even went further and he showed his own contempt for Candidates of color being quoted telling others that he “was only supportive of David King in order to get the Black vote”. 

We understand playing by the numbers but when Jonathan Wichmann’s gubernatorial bid was no longer viable after Timothy Ramthun’s entrance to the field, their goal became to lay, Dr. King, low and even went further to attempt to provoke a conflict between Dr. King and another candidate, Kyle Yudes. Thankfully, both Dr. King and Mr. Yudes were able to identify the ploy and instead of fighting each other, called out and shut down Justin and Jonathan before any fighting actually began. 

Additionally, Justin’s father has continued to do his son’s dirty work and attacks by going onto several posts and other podcasts and saying some fairly immature and disgusting things purely out of spite for the fallout from the revelations and public claims about Justin and Jonathan’s running of a dishonest campaign.

Strangely enough, more than any other article published by myself or the MP, there was an outpour of people close to or within Schmidka’s and Wichmann’s circle that all had similar horror stories regarding them and their real selves. More than any other candidate, including Adam Fischer, the claims I was made privy to shocked me to disgust, leaving me with a sickening feeling as I thought about what people like that would do or be capable of should they ever see office. 

Ask yourself the real question here? Is someone who speaks in such a way and publically portrays themselves as someone who should be respected deserving of being taken seriously? I doubt it. This is nothing new for Justin’s dad. At the time our my last article, he spent nearly two days verbally attacking me and you can find screenshots of those attacks in the previous article.

There is a common theme here and that theme is attacking others, spreading lies about them, and them pretending like it was somehow justified while still projecting on to them. 

Those of you who have heard Justin or Jonathan speak either at events or on the BSR podcast, should all be familiar with the nastiness they espouse toward others, most of whom, do not even know their names. 

Now, we understand that podcasts are purely entertainment and many of which are guilty pleasures, however, this group of people (Wichmann, Schmidtka, His Father, and Justin’s “current” wife) are seeking to be leaders within our state and have influence over your’s and my lives.

I certainly wouldn’t want someone of that type making any decisions on my behalf and I think most people are rational enough to agree with that especially when we live in a time where we lack rational actors and integrity in our leadership. 

How serious should we take anyone who first gets caught lying and then, rather than owning up to their mistakes, goes on about talking about someone’s mother’s reproductive organs. 

Disingenuous and Selfless do not mix well together

If you have been living under a rock, let’s bring you up to speed, shall we?

Last month Jonathan Wichmann decided, after months of telling supporters that he was going to be the next Governor, to jump races into the Lt. Governor race after not being able to raise the small donor amount needed to continue running and qualify for the RPW endorsement his cohort Justin Schmidka has been thrashing for some time.

While we do not disagree that the nomination rules and restrictions are hedged against candidates, the point is that he did not have enough small-donor support to qualify for the endorsement IF he switched races. He, as with most governor candidates, had absolutely no policy plans for our state to set himself above the already established and better-known camps of Kleefishe and Nickolson.

Justin Schmidtka immediately went to his podcast audience, whoever those people are, to claim that his calculated decision about his own viability and chances of winning the race, was not a calculated decision and was in fact, “a selfless act” disappointing many of his own supporters who had been supporting his candidacy for governor.

Much flak was given for this decision given the dialog spouted by Wichmann for many many months previous about how he was the strongest candidate for governor. 

The latest slander and incohesive attack on competing campaigns

Today, I was informed by several people that there was another malicious attempt at laying low other state candidates by Schmidka’s father Dan. You most likely do not know that they (Justin and Dan) are actually father and son. You most likely would not know this just by listening or by reading the posts they engage with. 

Today’s podcast was no different from their many other casts which follow the following format…


Attack something and claim others are victims in ambiguous and loose emotional language. Claim there is a connection and then begin repeating a well-known controversy as a means of connecting their targets to that controversy.


Speak in pejorative terms and blanket statements. Use phrases like “you know what I mean” without ever actually explaining what they mean. 


Say the name of someone who is your target and then speak in esoteric terms and unrelated phrases


Jump to another outrage issue like the 2020 election and then attempt to connect the target or person to that outrage issue without providing anything of substance connecting them


Rinse and repeat about 10 times. 

That pretty much sums up the content you will get over on BSR regardless of who is hosting on any particular day. It sounds a lot like the same formats you will get on most of the liberal news networks like MSNBC and CNN.

Ask yourself, what is unique or worthy about ANYONE who engages in circular logic? Someone who tells you another is bad because of “reasons”. Someone who only deals with hyperbole and treats the issues you care about as a slogan or bumper sticker?

People who think so little of you that they will reduce you to a pariah. As hollow as those currently in the state assembly passing bills to protect parents’ rights after two years of sitting quietly as those rights were taken away.

Candidates whose entire platform consists of just saying what they think you want to hear and manipulating your emotions in order to garner your support? Are you not tired of being used yet or would you prefer the same abuse as long as they brandish republican red rather then the democrat blue?

What was said? Who was mentioned? Why should anyone care?

If we are being honest, we have full confidence in the Wisconsin public within earshot of the BSR, Schmidtka, and Wichmann’s blathering attacks to know that people are not buying it. I can observe this based on the rations of their likes and engagement available publically on their pages.

Just do the math. Wichmann has over 50k in likes and follows and his average post engagement/conversion is less than 1% the same is true regarding Schmidtka and BSR. The truth of that is people have seen and are using what those two are all about and it isn’t representing the will of the people. 

This is apparent by how they carry themselves and the constant notion being projected that, somehow, the state party and others are out to get them. Somehow there are forces out there trying to stop them from enacting “peoples” will. Slamming unity while promoting “unity” as long as that unity leads to their gaining office. Claiming that others are willing to do anything despite their own actions. IE Wichmann changed races because he could not beat the candidates competing in the same race and then sold that as a “selfless act”.

As a former firefighter, I know full well what it truly is like to be selfless and to walk with giants and I cannot think anything but how insulting of Justin and Jonathan to think folks would not be able to see right through the action they took and then promoted.

Selflessness doesn’t need to be sold the same as the truth does not need to be defended and those who are selfless do not need to broadcast their “selflessness” to others. It is not seeking recognition.

In today’s show, there was not much difference with this but I was told by several people that this show and the claims made in it deserved to be highlighted. 

So let’s begin to dive in and begin this, our latest admonishment of the BSR crew, Schmidtka, and Wichmann. 

A decitful phone call and a claim

In the opening of the show, Dan (Justin’s father) claims that he received some “information” regarding another candidate. He then, boastfully, stated that he pretended to be a reporter from a Mexican newspaper and recorded the conversation but is not sharing that conversation because it was “long” and “boring”.

He then goes on to make some loose insinuation that because of a loose statement, not observed by anyone happened, that not only did it mean the challenger in both Justin’s Secretary of State race and Jonathans Governor race, we somehow “failed candidates” and that somehow, Robin Vos is recruiting failed candidates for “reasons”. We encourage you to listen for yourself and perhaps maybe you will hear something “moving” but after almost three listen-throughs, I have not heard anything which was claimed that held any weight or validity. 

So right off the bat, the was a claim made and even in the follow-up on the supposed information, the decision was employed in order to attempt to humiliate another who just happened to be a competing candidate to his son Justin Schmidtka, Jay Schroeder. 

We have seen Jay speak and observed him on the various podcasts and whether you support him or not, we can all agree he isn’t foolish, is intelligent, and has a general idea of what he plans to accomplish should he win office. He isn’t just stating the obvious. 

Keep in mind, this is a grown man, with the approval of his son, a white guy to crank call a competing candidate pretending to be Mexican and then attempting to record another person with malicious intent who will not produce the call’s content but will make a claim based on their interpretation of that phone call.

You can make several assumptions, our first one is that Dan and Justin were unable to get the “gotcha” moment they were striving for. The second assumption we can make is that it is not nearly as salacious as claimed by Dan during the podcast at all. So again, these are people looking to influence you, to voters and folks of Wisconsin using lies and ambiguity rather than truth and facts. 

A baseless claim

The next thing out of his mouth is predictable to you as it was me, that there is animosity coming from Robin Vos, the speaker of the house here in Wisconsin. The claim made is that Vos told Schroeder that “Justin Schmidtka is a cancer” which I do not think is true at all based on previous reactions regarding Wichmann and others he has spoken about.

I say this because a person such as Schmidtka, who engages in such dirty politics would not hold back something like that out of a sense of propriety considering the means by which it was obtained.

NOT TO MENTION that it is also ILLEGAL in the state of Wisconsin to do so.

The law was broken if true

What makes this illegal? Malicious Intent, pure and simple. I would also like to add that Justin Schmidtka, Jonathan Wichmann, and his father are known for using the recording to entrap others so as to use their words as leverage against them and we encourage anyone reading this who may have fallen victim to them to contact a lawyer and the authorities immediately. 

This behavior and practice have been confirmed by me by several others.

So far, we have seen them lie to constituents, speak gossip about their own friends, attempt to use another based on their race and connections to the black community, now Justin Schmidtka’s own father, a white guy, is pretending to be Mexican press.

A call that apparently was exciting and juicy enough to devote an entire 30 minutes of a podcast too, but was “long and boring” so we only got the “gist” of things. 

Reading between the lines

As if the actions of secretly recording others for leverage were not bad enough, let’s explore what is between the lines here.

Not only are they not making the call public for obvious legal reasons (if the call even happened, let’s assume it did) the greater claim here is that the majority leader of our state government somehow has Justin Schmidtka on his mind. 

Think about the arrogance there for someone to make that claim as if it were a badge of honor? Again, this is someone, these are people looking to influence your life as a tax-paying citizen of our great state.

No matter which way you look at this, it is terrible behavior and I am not making any understatements when I write that such behavior should be and is beneath our elected leaders, including Robin Vos, a person I personally do not think is a great leader.

I am 100% positive that someone in Vos’s position does not spend any amount of his time pondering the substance of Justin, Jonathan Wichmann, or his jerk father.

The incoherent Connection

Back to the podcast’s content!

It was immediately after the Dan, Justin Schmidtka’s father began making the incoherent connections that would culminate in his attack, and the real target of his attack, David King by painting Amy Loudenbeck of Wisconsin District 31 and David King as puppets of the RPW establishment. 

It is well known that we have no love lost between RPW and the MP but those reasons are well thought out and never consist of “RPW is trying to block us”.

We have a clear disagreement in policy and how they go about things as the center for conservative politics in our state but if you listened to Dan or Justin speak regarding RPW, you would think that the leadership of the state party have a dartboard up on their walls with their picture on it.

That inferred meaning and the one projected by them many times is utterly preposterous and infantile. We admit that the MP and myself have come up in email communications following articles I have written but that doesn’t mean I or anyone associated with the MP in anyways feels there is anything personal about our negative outcomes and relationships.

One cannot take things personally in politics and must always remain objective.

That is not the case with BSR, Schmidtka, or Wichmann. They want and need a boogeyman because it grants them a perceived relevance and they are more than willing to capitalize off Wisconsinites outrage over our political climate as a means of gaining personally. Simply put, they have no policy or actionable items beyond the rhetoric. Most conservative/republican candidates don’t, so do not think this is isolated.

This arrogance and self-importance are apparent to everyone paying attention based on the complete absence of substance in their arguments relative to the topics they engage in.

This arrogance is best observed in Justin’s own words in his attempt to discredit me personally as he stumbled through the relative segment trying to connect me with RPW as well even after being corrected by his own wife and made aware that I am, in fact, very anti-establishment. He also accused others of being in collusion with me as well as being a “paid” Kleefische” hitman. We can only assume that his delusions are getting more and more real to him by the day and that should worry just about everyone.

We would ask that anyone who thinks paranoia is just what our capital needs to stand up and be counted and then promptly slapped back into sense. 

Please the below excerpt from that podcast. Please read the article as well.

Returning from that sidebar dialog, similar to how I was mentioned, Dan (Schmidtka’s father) then pulled the same empty logic out of his hat and then connect Loudenbeck to Robin Vos and then began attempting to connect Jay Schroeder in as well, calling them “failed candidates” and that there is “something” about Vos’s connection and RPW’s use of Failed Candidates. Something both of the mentioned candidates have publically stated their opinions on as being contra to the state parties actions and policy.

David King has spoken publically that he will not be seeking the RPW candidate nomination approval and will continue his campaign in an outright refusal of the state party. He has publically said he shares no love with our state party and the Republican establishment. 

Do not miss the trees for the forest here either.

Here we have a person, not only claiming that the candidates and sitting officials named are not patriots, but inferred that there is some sort of conspiracy happening due to a claim of contact which has not been claimed publically, which was relyed in an illegally recorded phone call that Dan is not taking public because…. “it is boring and long”. 

If something was SO boring and LONG, why would he spend nearly half an hour talking it up and citing it as a cause for outrage and dislike of Jay Shroeder, who just so happens to be one of the people competing for the office of Secretary of State here in Wisconsin? 

I think it is pretty clear that Justin’s father is a gossip queen same as his son and being that he is publishing this content on his son’s podcast, we can only assume that he encouraged the phone call and the empty claims made by his father, Dan. One could even go one step further and observe that the ONLY conspiracy involving Justin Schmidtka is he, Jonathan Wichmann, and the BSR participants is they themselves, attempting to gain a public office and relevance through lies and subterfuge. 

That should tell you as much as you need to know about what they really think about the taxpayers and voters of Wisconsin. That they think so little of the issues and needs of you, your family, your friends, that they are willing to spread lies, act dishonorably, and gossip as a substitute for the conviction you desire from our leaders. I cannot speak for you but I am positive that tastes as good to you as it does to me. 

How insulting is it to know that they have such little regard for you? And Dan has been out of this area for a long time living out of the country. 

Moreover, for Justin’s dad to talk about any candidate in such a way when he and his son publically support Wichmann, a former candidate for governor who jumped to the Lt. Governor race purely because he could not raise the funds necessary.

More interesting than that is the projection Dan makes about how these other candidates are desperate to get into office. Going as far to connect Schroader and King and infer they were in cahoots based on another conversation that may or may not have happened. 

This is interesting to me and it should be to you. Strange thing is that Dan, Justin’s father just a month ago was trying to patch up relations with David King after Justin was called out for the rumors and lies he had spread regarding David King. 

Those rumors were that David was jumping out of the Lt. Governor race. This was following an attempt by Justin Schmidtka to attempt to get David to do just that and run for mayor or a congressional district.

This will sound familiar as of late because the phone call cited by Justin’s Dad in the podcast, was yet another backroom pressure call meant to get Schroder to drop out of the secretary of state race and run for another race. 

Observably, following the normal BSR format, there are clearly statements being made that are never shown to have anything of substance with a conflated connection to a gaslight issue. 

Noticing the Patterns

I am sure you are seeing it now. The pattern emerging here where first Schmidtka, Wichmann, and BSR are making plays to pit folks and candidates against each other and then claiming victimhood after the fact. They offer no proof of their claims, they engage in trickery such as faking identities and calling declared candidates in an attempt to record them saying something which could be used against them, speaking in gossiped truths, circular logic, this comes to one conclusion and that is these people are not only backhanded and willing to do/say anything to gain relevance but they have no intention of serving the voters and taxpayers.

They only seek to serve themselves. 

As always, this article is purely for your information and consideration. Is this the type of individual you think would lead our state into a brighter future? Only speaking for myself, I think not. Again, we have seen and heard enough to say that Justin Schmidtka and Jonathan Wichmann have proven themselves unable to lead and undeserving of the authority that would come with the offices they seek. 

These people will even fake being Mexican in order to try and get someone into a difficult position.

Claiming that they are not for censorship but we personally can confirm, same as many groups they associate like Freedom Fighter of Central Wisconsin, will in fact censor and restrict any speech critical of them and their actions this election cycle.

Consider this folks, birds of a feather, will always flock together. We gain nothing by supporting people who only have personal ambitions for getting involved in our government. 

At what point will you say enough, at what point do we push back and raise the bar?


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