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Justin Schmidtka is spreading rumors and lies about other camps and inflating his importance

Justin Schimidtka, a candidate with Wisconsin Secretary of state has gotten himself into a bit of a bind with lies and rumors he has started and spoke to others.

Justin Schmidtka for Wisconsin Secretary of State

Consistency, Integrity, and Honesty are the order of the day

There is a funny thing that happens in the political world. A certain phenomenon where decent good people get a whiff of a base’s support/following and become fearful of losing that support and recognition. When this happens, they begin doing whatever they can to maintain that. 

Similar to the effect of having followers on social media, once a person’s ego becomes used to the perceived representation of themselves, any challenge to that must be attacked no matter how large or small the shortfall is.  I am sure by now that most people will agree that I am the MP really could care less about recognition or being liked. Being honest and calling people out on their own terrible behavior rarely does but it is certain that those who are called out will claim to be some sort of victim.

The trick to survival is simply being honest. A good lawyer will always tell their client that the first step to getting out of a hole is to stop digging and put down the shovel however, most people forget this lesson and the obvious path to reconciliation. This small oversite generally “snowballs” and soon enough becomes overbearing and unavoidable.

Now more than ever, integrity and quality of character are the most important characteristics voters are looking for. The citizens of Wisconsin have long grown tired of dirty politics and less than reputable people making their way into office.

As many readers are familiar, part of the function of the MP also is an outlet for people to hand off information about Wisconsin politics. We always talk about our “little birds” who are friends, supporters, and affiliates who keep us informed about anything of note occurring within the political circuit which may or may not be relevant or even matter. Some may or may not agree with this practice and we understand, however, we would not be given this information if we did not protect those folks feeding it to us. When information is received, that information is analyzed and followed up on to ensure that it is valid before we begin our process of releasing it. 

We have a network of little birds across the state in many groups and even in the capital itself. We will always protect those folks, their names, and identities with our lives as their trust and confidence mean something to the MP team and we are happy to take whatever flak may come back as a result of our stories and articles. 

The truth of things is that we know more than most how nasty politicians on both sides and candidate hopefuls can be when they get egg on their face for the things they do either in office or in pursuit of office. 

Our track record speaks for itself.

Three Questions Justin has yet to answer

Justin Schimidtka, a candidate with Wisconsin Secretary of state has gotten himself into a bit of a bind. I say this due to the various reports from our little birds who have said that he is not as honest and truthful as he pretends to be. 

We recently released a Facebook post having heard several disturbing things from our little birds about Justin Schmidtka and the tales he has been telling. The tales being told have been narrowed down to three instances and questions that Schmidtka has refused to answer.


Were you at a meeting with Kevin Nicholson and Jonathan Wichmann where Nicholson supposedly pressured Schmidtka to switch to congressional and Wichmann to drop and go for Lt. or Secretary Of State?


Were you or were you not making calls to float Jonathan Wichmann for Lt. Gov and saying David King was dropping out to folks who were and are supporters of his camp? 


Were you telling people that Jeanette Deschene was switching races?

Jumping Lines & Disappointed Supporters

For a few weeks, I was made aware from a credible source that both Jonathan Wichmann and Justin were both planning on dropping out of their races to run for different offices. Wichmann seeking to switch from Governor to Lt. Governor and Schmidtka from Secretary of State to Congressional District 8. It would appear with Wichmann’s recent addendum to his state filings that he has officially jumped races. 

Reported late last night by Fox 11, Wichmann has officially filed and forfeited his endorsement from General Michael Flynn which was withdrawn this past Sunday when Timothy Ramthun announced his bid for Governor of Wisconsin. Many were in attendance including Wichmann and Schmidtka. 

This is important to note as we can only speculate as to why the shift in both their races, this writer thinks the change is mostly due to the inability to raise the funds needing small donors to meet the RWP’s requirement for the state party’s endorsement deadlines on March 15th.

For more information about the RPW Endorsement Policy – Click Here

The First Lie is up for "dinner"

We first heard about this shift in camps a few weeks ago when a little bird contacted us stated that Schmidka had boasted about a meeting (Nicholson, Wichmann, and Schmidtka in attendance) with Kevin Nickolson in which he claimed that Nicholson had requested the Wichmann drop his bid for Governor of Wisconsin and instead run for Lt. Governor or Secretary of State. It was claimed that Schmidtka himself would drop out and run for congressional district 8 against Incumbent Michael Gallagher and challenger Jacob VandenPlas

This claim did not sound right to us as soon as we heard it. It is well known that there is an ongoing conflict between the Nicholson camp and the RPW over their endorsement policy, the tactics being used to close the races, and force candidates to drop out completely.

There was even a reported confrontation between Kevin Nicholson and the RPW state chair Paul Farrow at an event several weeks ago over the silent efforts being made against the candidates that are not supported by the RPW. 

The reason we say this was immediately suspect of Justin to claim was due to the very public and well-known stance of Nicholson and would definitely prove him to be a political hypocrite. 

Having heard this rumor, we contacted a reliable source on the matter who spoke to both the Nicholson camp and Jonathan Wichmann himself who both denied the claim stating they had a dinner meeting between the two where they agreed that they would not attack each other and act professionally when interacting with each other. The key point here is that Justin Schmidtka had not been at that meeting which both camps confirmed was the case through a third party with ties to both camps. In his father’s attempt to defend Justin’s actions, his father claimed that he has been at the meeting as an attempt to valid the claims we confronted Justin with. He has not responded to those or the other questions stated above. 

Why this matters

With the lie confirmed, this would mean that Justin is actually taking situations he was not a part of and injecting himself into them for the obvious purposes of talking himself up and increasing his importance with folks he spoke to about the meeting. We believe that is because a consistent mantra of his is that the establishment is out to get him which was also a claim he made against me when he was responding to posts on both the Modern Patriot’s Facebook page and the direct post made by our team on his campaign page. This was also mentioned during his podcast and seems to be a common “go-to” for him so as to create a boogyman he can then rail on against with his claims of “saving Wisconsin”

The Shady Gossip Tactic Against David King


Recently, we were made aware of calls Justin Schmidtka was making to various patriot and political groups where he was floating the idea of support, Jonathan Wichmann, for Lt. Governor prior to his jump which was made official yesterday and reflected in his updated state filings for candidacy in Wisconsin.

What was told to us was that Justin Schmidtka has called them and when he pushed for support of Wichmann as a Lt. Governor candidate, when told they actually had been David King supporters, Schmidtka stated that David King, in fact rolling up his camp and dropping out. 

A fairly stupid thing to say because those people instantly verified that information with King and then contacted the MP regarding that information so that we could then bring it to light for the rest of you who are concerned with the quality of the candidates seeking state office and support.  This report came from several independent folks who are unrelated to each other but we encourage them to come forward under their own power to publicly state their accounts.

Why this matters

This matters due to the fact that David King, someone who has a proven history of walking in integrity and being honest, has been working hard to gain the support that he has throughout the state and he will always stand and deliver for any crowd and debate candidates honestly.

We feel that attempting to undermine candidates in such a way is not only dishonest, shows the exact type of weakness which is crippling our voice as citizens and tainting our political process. As always, if we as citizens want better, we must be better and ensure that the people we send to office represent the good qualities we expect of others in our daily lives.

Failure to mind his own business

Over the last weekend, we saw reports come out regarding Jeanette Deschene potentially wanting to switch races and move to a state assembly race. While unaffiliated with her and her campaign, it was reported to us that Justin Schmidtka had told others this while also floating his own idea of switching races from Secretary of State to Congressional Assemble roughly 3 weeks ago. This was the same time we also heard about Wichmann’s intention to change his race as well. 

The outcome was that she began getting calls from reporters probing about her intentions. 

Why this matters

This matters in that Justin was her friend or supposed to be. But when he needed something to gossip about instead of speaking about his own intentions, he decided to violate Jeantettes trust/confidence and remove her right to think and decide for herself on her own time. The MP does not approve of this level of personal backstabbing and that is why this act is being included in this article. 

We would not be who we are unless we upheld and protected the privacy of our friends and will never support someone for a public office who would violate another for the sake of having something to gossip about. Especially when there was no purpose or constructive reason to do so and we admonish Justin for this betrayal of trust and confidence. 

Jeanette has since given cover to Justin but we feel that he simply played the friend card and given the further instances of his shady behavior and actions, feel this rumor was originally started by him.

The Podcast

Link to Podcast on Spotify – Scroll to 21 minute mark

Justin himself even attempted to discredit me during his Tuesday podcast (Badger State Resistance) which typically consists of him plugging himself, slamming other candidates, and promoting Jonathan Wichmann for governor, following a long line of people attempting to capitalize off of conservative outrage in our state as a means of developing a listening market and social media following offering not much in terms of substance and simply reading article headlines and then stating the obvious about them.   

It was during this podcast when I was called out directly with many false claims with no actual evidence to back them up following a segment of validation about how “honest” he is and how he always tells the truth. A typical sign and pattern which usually proceeds a lie. 

When the segment starts he speaks about our well-known issues with Adam J. Fischer and his subsequent attacks on me and my team.

The attack referenced in the podcast stemming from Fischer attacking me rather than paying a bill, he began claiming I was extorting him and blackmailing him, attempted to have me arrested multiple times, and recently attempted to get a restraining order after this article was posted on a live stream he was interviewing on on Feb 2. with Ed Delgado.

Direct Quotes Below. Please forgive the terrible sentence structure, the transposed content is word for word


But this this Kevin Nutt, he’s, this is a guy, this is a guy, these are the type of people that I talk about, that when they feel that their relevance, is becoming, and whether somebody is relevant or not, I could care less about, I don’t even care if we (his podcast) is relevant or not, ok? We know that the badger state resistance is relevant in Wisconsin politics, ok?, because we have come out with facts and proven to people that we absolutely will pull facts.

We will, and again, like Tori said at the beginning of the podcast, we will backtrack if we misspeak, if we say something that is incorrect, ok? And we’re told about it, we will come the next day and we will say no, we were wrong, that, nope, and we’ll correct


Alright sorry we will do better next time


Correct, we’re human. So, but but, this is the type of individual that goes and, you know, starts groups, whatever, he’s the only person that posts in groups, and and, whatever and then shares it to all these other groups, and that’s fine, I don’t care, I don’t care, but these are the type of people that, you known, we are finding in the establishment, right? You know when we start talking about, you know the Rebecca Kleefische where, these, these crazies like Brian Westrate, out in Eau Claire area, who is now running for State Senate which we would be silly to elect somebody like this


Well this Kevin Nutt is a guy who is anti-establishment, but..


But he’s…


But.. you gotta let me finish talking my dear




But he all of sudden got this massive testosterone boost and now he got a little bit of attention after bringing some light about discrepancies in a campaign he was working on, right? And that was about a 3-page article on this




And now that he got a little bit of publicity from there, now he wants to go an expose everybody and in everybody’s race, even on campaign that he has nothing to do with or has people that he has never had an actual conversation with cause I don’t believe we have actually ever talked to Kevin Nutt


No, as a matter of fact I have never knew about him


Correct, right, me neither until I read this 3 page article, um, he, eh, I don’t know, I don’t know what else to say other than to discredit the guy because I mean, right now, he’s on a power trip, he’s on a power trip, he’s got this testosterone boost and he’s like everybody, look at me look at me, look at what I did to Adam Fischer so I was telling the truth that time, so maybe I’ll tell you the truth all these other times but..


But we’re not even sure if that was the truth




We don’t even know if that was the truth, but again, you know, I’m not going to, you know, everybody, I think everybody that’s really following politics, you know sees Adam, one of the biggest things that I will say is that, that its oddly convenient Adam’s Talking points seem to mimic the other, you know, some of the other candidates, ok? The background seems to mimic some of the other candidates, you know, ah I just, I have, I, and and and and and again, I think I’ve met him, he’s a nice guy, I think that he would fare well, on to, you know, maybe another position, maybe an assembly position, you know where he can gain some experience and maybe learn that there is something at campaign rally’s you probably just don’t say


A hunting podcast


Right? Or a hunting podcast, I mean, I was a part of one of those at one point and I loved it, I absolutely loved being a part of it, and trust me, if we weren’t sitting in this position that we were, I would very much would rather be doing the hunting podcast, where I could talk about big bucks and I cannot lie, he he he he, but, you know, so, so, again, you are, now that we are getting close to primaries, you’re going to see, where, nutty people are going to start indulging themselves into campaigns and feeling that they have the know, they have the confirmation, again, there are plenty of rumors


We saw a lot of this during the Obama days, you know, especially with the Obama year was a big year, first African American president




You know there was all kinds of craziness, there were all kinds of crazy rumors and discrepancies put out there, there was all sorts of things, politics brings out the ugliest in people




It’s brings out the ugliest people which is why they have always made the rule you never talk about politics at family events, right? So, just keep an eye out guys, I guess I think that’s what we are really trying to get to, is just, take the information for what it is, do your research on your own candidates, a lot of the people will have stayed loyal to certain candidates, good for you, to get past the bull crap, but I mean ultimately at the end of the day, every, there, there’s a side to every story, there is his side, her side, and the truth


Well, and here’s the other thing, when it comes to rumors, there are so many people, I mean, so many people with, even outside of Wisconsin that happened, Donald Trump, have massive influence on elections, right, um, we have seen where congressional, members of congress, have gone and hid in their office, and, gave false witness, essentially, to to, the the, alleged attacks on the capitol, ok? We’ve we’ve watched him do this, and then watched people, the democratic party use that to try impeach a president after he left office, like like, that’s the kind of crap we’ve watched over the last two years, you and I literally sat down a listened over the weekend to two members of congress, literally gave the same stump speech, again, and it is so tiring because, again, both members, these two members of congress, were both there when trump was first selected…

You will note that in the segment they do not even speak about the reason for even speaking about me on their podcast. Moreover, I am not even sure how anyone could even listen to two people nested in circular logic, that makes no cohesive point, and can barely put together a complete sentence or thought. 

Below are some highlights. Please be aware that the “writer’s thoughts” are my thoughts on the highlighted quotes from the podcast transcript. 

Writers thoughts

Notice he does not actually say anything about me, instead uses circular logic to throw shade on me and claim his own right to relevance while stating he does not care about relevance. In the same breath claims that his podcast is relevant to Wisconsin politics. Effectively showing how highly he thinks of himself and the entitlement to the claim. If I am being honest I had never heard of the podcast until I began researching Schmidtka for this article after hearing the rumors which originated from him. It is also important to know that he and I have never met except once for an introduction in Marshfield which was made by Jeanette.

Writers thoughts

Not even sure what he is trying to say here. He does not state anything remotely cohesive or inciteful about me or speaks from a standpoint of knowing a single thing about me personally or professionally. He makes a claim that somehow I am part of the RPW/Kleefische establishment and compares me to another person he is obviously also gossiping about. Notice that pattern of gossip. Making general statements of “type of people” in an esoteric way that he cannot articulate into a clear statement which explains what he means in saying that. You hear this all the time with people who are attempting to sound inciteful and smart when they use catchphrases like “the RIGHT way” or “everyone KNOWS” which is simply trying to project themselves as so sort of norm for society as a whole. That is a red flag for megalomania at the clinical level

Writers thoughts

This is his wife’s attempt to emasculate me and then downplay the fact a governor candidate was caught outright lying. 

More important is that they still have not addressed the gossip they have been called out on.  Also, they are making blanket assumptions about my motives and reasons after stating just before stating we do not know each other. 

Writers thoughts

Here they state that we do not know each other and have never met again, casting meaning to my motives while stating that they feel that in order to point out shortfalls and misdeeds in politics and campaigns that one first must be associated. Keep in mind the entire purpose of this article and the disagreement is due to Justin Schmidtka gossiping about other campaigns as a means of taking support from or undermining other campaigns in races Jonathan Wichmann is attempting to enter as Lt. Governor. 

Writers thoughts

This is where their entire attack cershendos. Without presenting any logic, evidence, or reason, they publically state to their audience that I should be dsicredited because…reasons. 

Again, the entire reason for his and mine interaction was due to his actions is spreading rumors about Jeanette Deshene, David King, and inflating his involvement with a meeting he was not even at.

If I am lying, ok, come with receipts. The point here is that patterns always show what to expect in terms of future behaviors from an individual. They have established that they do not know me, they know what my motives are not knowing me, and that I should be discredited for… reasons.

So please correct me but let’s ask ourselves the obvious question, how would they know any of that without ever knowing me personally or having previous dealings with me? The fact is they can’t and if they have some sort of secret knowledge or crystal ball the rest of us don’t then I am sure they would not be running a podcast gossiping about others. 

Writers thoughts

This final excerpt from Justin is the final example of his coherency as he tried to bring home some kind of point. I am sure that most of us have heard better arguments on CNN and MSNBC regarding reasons to dislike this or that.

If anyone has read the Adam Fischer Article, they would know that the entire article is the entirety of the communications between him and me.

So unless I somehow forged those communications (which I would be in jail if I had) then what he is saying is not true are Adam’s own words and actions, shortly after his wife says that I brought to light “inconsistencies” in the narrative Adam Fischer was presenting to others. 

Again, this entire “discrediting” of me lacks one thing and that is a cohesive and collected argument to support what they are saying about me. 

The Wrap Up

Put simply, we wanted to show you just who Justin Schmidtka is as a person and what we will most likely get should he reach office in any capacity. In our opinion he is a small man with little courage as we confronted him and instead of speaking to the claims of him gossiping and lying and the dinner with Nicholson, he instead began making wild accusations of being a target of the establishment. Even claiming that we at the MP and that I, your writer, was of the establishment and a pay-to-play attempt of Rebecca Kleeficshe to smear him. 

Justin Schmidtka has yet to answer for himself which we are interpreting as a guilty verdict and no contest. 

Covering His Tracks

He since began trying to take down his previous comments and things he has stated including some paranoid claim that I was also a libertarian trying to smear him. This matters within the context of the claims made to us about him and just who he is and will be an elected official.

An additional point to make here is his comments in the below is the downplay of the MP page. He claims he “doesn’t really even follow this page” when up until he was called out for his backhanded behavior, he had only joined the MP Facebook page at that time. 


His loyal, but misguided father

We also had the joy of being attacked for nearly a day and a half by his father who did nothing but makes baseless attacks in the defense of his son. While we can certainly appreciate and admire this father’s love for his son, we do have to point out that he was truculent and abusive in what he was claiming and saying. We have since made screenshots of that entire thread which are below. 

The interesting part about this is a grown man, happy to enlist his own father in defending him but will not answer the three simple claims against him. Perhaps he does not live by the service code he claims in his campaign speeches? To me, I would never let my father fight my battles for me no matter if it hurt my political chances or not. Perhaps others feel different, but honor and integrity are not something you can pick and choose to personify. 

My conclusion regarding Justin Schmidtka

No matter how anyone skins this, he is demonstrating that he is not only capable but also guilty of the claims made against him that I am the MP has brought to light. He speaks without knowing and will fabricate stories and attacks in his own defense rather than owning up to his own behavior in what he did when he began speaking rumors about other camps and lied about a dinner meeting he was not even present for. 

I would say this is check and mate. Either he did it or he didn’t. It really is that simple, if he didn’t there should be no issues with saying so unless that would, in fact, be a lie, and doing so publically would only cause others to begin publicly admonishing him for the calls he made attempting to undermine David King’s campaign for Lt. Governor.

With the sudden silence, his baseless “discrediting” on his podcast, and his removal of comments, I think it is safe to say that he is not the person he presents himself to be.

I say this given the direct questions asked, can only mean one thing, he did do it and is a gossip queen spreading rumors about other camps.

This also means that he used Jeanette but is not willing to speak for himself, let his father attack another baselessly, and still remains silent regarding the claims made.

Perhaps maybe you would like to encourage him to do so, after all, he is a marine and the marines aren’t afraid of speaking up when someone questions them, right?

As always, we make this all available for you the readers to consider in this election cycle. We encourage you as always to reach out and talk to candidates directly so you can make up your own minds as to who is best suited to lead our state forward.

We appreciate you all and stand behind every word we ever put out. Be well. 


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