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Russia does not give a shit about sanctions

The real question is that if Russia invades, what could we or anyone do about it?

The real question is that if Russia invades, what could we or anyone do about it?

Here is why having a strong military response is always important.




We will not be declaring war due to Ukraine not being a part of NATO, so article 5 doesn’t apply and our NATO allies in the region are either already working with Russia (Germany via Nord stream Pipeline) or will deliberately be left alone. That doesn’t mean countries like Poland couldn’t retaliate but again. For example, if Poland is the aggressor, article 5 does not apply as article 5 is a purely defensive response to aggression from NATO enemies and nonmembers.


We do not have the access to ready material for the production of fuel to fuel military assets. As a matter of fact, the Biden admin has actively worked to limit our ability to produce fuel as apparent by the current fuel prices with 100$ barrels just over the horizon. This is a direct result of the limitation on fracking and the shut down of the Keystone Pipeline when Biden assumed office. 


Biden has long been purging our military due to vax requirement which began in December of 2021. This was estimated to include over 20,000 active troops and has also forced out troops in our special forces. 


We do not have the facilities and raw materials to engage in rapid deployment and manufacturing of military equipment and assets. We have and are experiencing shortages on steel, crude oil, ready made computer components, copper, silver, and many other materials which would be needed in order to catch our military up and respond effectively in short order


Democrats stepped aside when Russia invade and took Crimea, so we can expect the same as Biden was VP then and supported that decision. The last time Russia invaded a country or territory was back under the Obama admin where they seized the crimean lands in order to gain port access in the area

This reminds me of that scene in Team America when Hanks Brink tells Kim Jun Il that if he doesn’t do something, the UN will send him a letter to which Kim Jung Il responds by dropping Brink into a tank of sharks saying he doesn’t give a shit about letters.

We are about to get our collective noses rubbed in it because our political class is more concerned with attacking our rights and cementing their own hold on power here at home than it is in defending our interests abroad.

Think about that, the primary mandate of the federal government is ensuring property rights and providing national defense. What does enforcing and imposing control over “we the people” have to do with any of that.

Just this weekend, our own CIA was implicated in attacking GiveSendGo for being used as a means of fundraising for the trucker protest in Canada. Yet we are supposed to believe that they are concerned with our national defense and security interests?

What a joke…


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