Adam Jarchow pushes back against Joe Giganti claim about flip flopping on medical marijuana

Adam Jarchow is running for Attorney General of Wisconsin. Consistancy counts and he has answered and delivered.

Adam Jarchow for Wisconsin Attorney General

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Consistency Counts

All to often we find out that our new outlets and talk shows will attempt to put their thumb on the scales of democracy by letting things slip and allowing false narratives on their platforms and shows.

This morning, Joe Giganti, a morning conservative radio host, decried Adam Jarchow for flip-flopping on his stated stance on Medical Marijuana.

A stunning claiming considering Jarchow and several democrats had presented and authored a bill back in 2017 that would have decriminalized possession of marijuana under ten grams to a $100 fine.

It is important to note that currently, people found with that amount can be subjected to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. A second possession offense can be treated as a felony. The average cost at the time to house and provide for an inmate was 32,000/year which, if the bill had passed, would have saved the state of Wisconsin money for a crime that many states have already decriminalized entirely.

At the time, Adam stated, “a couple of joints could land you in a jail or in prison.”

Throwing the hook in the water

After hearing this, I posted on my personal Facebook, Adam and I are social media friends, and so I threw my hook in the water. After fishing all day with no bites, Adam finally responded with a consistent answer and explanation in response to Giganti’s claim that Adam has been “hiding” removing his previous posts and statement regarding his stated positions on marijuana. 

Needless to say, he did not disappoint and definitely scored points with this writer and the Modern Patriot. We also had a respondent named Stephanie who is a county boss for the local RPW district in Pierce County, WI. 

Now before I continue it should be noted that recently, the RPW and establishment Republicans have all suddenly begun trying to conflate and mash up the very real threat of fentanyl and heroin, which has taken so many Wisconsinites and destroyed many families, with marijuana. Stephanie, someone who is deep RPW, has even claimed that Wisconsinites should fear marijuana as it was “laced” with the dangerous drug.

To the uninitiated and those not paying attention, this may sound probable but the rest of us not living under a rock, we know full well that folks are not buying their marijuana from dealers dressed in class “A” hazmat suits which, due to the potency of fentanyl, would be required in order to prevent instant overdosing and death. 

In this patriot’s opinion, it seems more than the establishment republicans are using this stance as a smear tactic and counterpoint to those republican candidates and democrats in favor of decriminalization and medicinal usage allowances. 

This is typical of RPW as of late as they continually make baseless claims simply to provide contra narrative and maintain relevance. 

Adam responds with concise clarity

It was later this evening that Adam responded to my post and clarified his stance on marijuana with the confidence you would expect from a bold candidate looking to exemplify the type of public servant he strives to be. Link to Post

He then went on to explain why his (Adam) tweets, mentioned by Joe Giganti had disappeared.

To wrap things up

As you can read for yourself, from the man himself, you now know for certain Adam’s consistent and stated stance on marijuana in our state has not changed. 

One thing I would like to note is this. Not only does the Modern Patriot appreciate consistency but also those candidates who actively engage when questions are raised based on what others are claiming.

Now more than ever, we need to actively have our leaders and potential leaders accessible and willing to state their positions in the open forum.

The nastiness of our political climate means we need to remain ever vigilant and unafraid to seek the answers and clarification in order to make a more informed decision when we go to the polls. 

We find comfort not only knowing Adam passes this test but also that at his center and as our Attorney General that it is not just about quotas and conviction rates. 

As always, we at the MP are not here to tell you what to think and this information is merely here for your consideration.

Choose wisely my friends and be well!


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