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It is my opinion that Republicans aided the Democrats

Many people on both sides feel that the 2020 outcomes in our national elections were disappointing, more now than before in that voters are realizing a couple of things.

  • The democrats had a field of talent and had Biden/Harris forced on them are just as unhappy with the state of our economy as anyone else
  • The republicans know that not only did the democrats tamper with polling sites and collections but that republicans assisted them out of dislike and spite of Donald Trump

I personally believe that our state party had as much of a hand in the Trump loss as any democrat. We cannot solely place the blame at the feet of democrats but it also has to be thrown on to republicans as well. 

I say this due to the election outcomes that we saw. Almost universally, candidates on the same ballot as the trump vote, all seem to have won their seats. On the national level and in other states, it was much the same in that the incumbent republicans seem to have all won their offices while Trump was the only real loss.

To me, that really can only mean one thing as in the entire political history of our country, there has never been a time where the majority of a party’s candidates and incumbents won and the presidential candidate of that party has lost. 

The underlying point there, knowing that the republican establishment largely disliked Trump, they definitely had a hand in or simply ignored what was going on in our polling places during the vote count. I feel that the former is most likely the truth behind things.  

The above image and infographic show the differences between active and inactive registered voters in Waukesha County. 

This is interesting as we see our republican state assembly seats divide about the issue of ballot boxes. On one side, the establishment RPW politicians like Vos and the perceived anti-establishment politicians like Ranthum. The argument was that Vos and RPW sat on their hands and allowed Democrats to rig/steal votes in order the allow for a Biden victory in 2020.

There have even been calls by RPW GOP organizers calling for Speaker Vos to resign following a political power move where Vos removed the staff of Ranthum from his office. Read the Article

Much of this, in my opinion, is hyperbolic, but moreover, the argument itself even if proven would not be something we could do anything about. There simply is no precedent, law, or mechanism to decertify and take back the electoral votes Wisconsin has already issued.

All we can really do is attempt to pass the legislature and increase the controls we have over how our elections are executed. Currently, Speaker Vos is not making any attempts to stop the use of ballot drop boxes which also means, by virtue of proxy, that the RPW (who fully supports the Speaker) also supports the use of ballot drop boxes. The RPW has its supporters and surrogates out in force too.  Those surrogates are attempting to satiate the worries of voters, patriots, and tea party groups who are actively organizing against them to overturn control of the county parties. There are even candidates who are preaching a message of “unity” when in reality, they are simply trying to garner support from the disillusioned patriot groups for support of the state party (RPW) who entrenched in support of Rebecca Kleefisch. One of those surrogates is Orlando Owens who is running for State Treasurer. Read the Article About Orlando Ownes Here

In Sheboygan Wisconsin, over 90 patriots joined the local RPW rolls and are about to oust the current leadership of the county party. This has the RPW very worried as the same thing happened back in 2010 with the tea party supporters and activists. 

The actions being taken by the various patriot group around facebook is largely in reaction to the disconnect that the RPW and the county GOP districts has demonstrated. It is palpable the tension between them as I observe the interactions between the two groups. To me, and solely, in my opinion, there is an active campaign to act as though these groups are an extension or arm of the RPW when in reality, they have very little in common. The RPW seems more content to maintain a status quo whereas the carious patriot groups are demanding changes the RPW are unwilling to make.

This disconnect is something that has been cited and referenced by many following the groups but moreover, as I see the Modern Patriots following grow, I am noticing many people are consuming the material but due to the volatile nature of both groups, largely remain silent on the issues for fear of being singled out and ostracized from their own social circles.

The other problem and issue I have found resoundingly clear is that while the folks who make up the patriot groups following are clear as to what they want, I have found that much of the leadership are comprised of people who are simply trying to gain relevance and notoriety for themselves especially with groups like the Central Wisconsin Freedom Fighters. I single them out having personally felt their attacks and subterfuge having been both banned and targeted by them for disagreeing on issues.


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