there is an inherent danger to all these partisan school board candidates. Certain offices need to remain and should remain devoid of party politics due to their unbias nature of them. Decisions must be made not on a basis of political agreement but for the best interest of the children that are subject to them. I would be very discerning if I were you when casting my vote to make sure the candidates are not just spouting talking points you want to hear and actually have something to bring to the table.

It is not enough to say they will strike down CRT as parents have just a much responsibility in CRT being taught in the school as they spent decades over-relying on the school and simply were just not showing up to the meeting and advisor meeting where the curricula were decided.

It is also not enough to say that they will stop masks as the masking is slowly going down in flames all on its own. Additional was not a political act in most cases as much as board being paranoid about getting cued by parents.

Demand these candidates to explain how they will be different. Demand to see their plans of action. Do not fall into a trap of electing a bad person just because they are spouting the talking points you want to hear.

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