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The man himself is as impressive as his legacy and impact on the people he reaches out to. Coming from a large family, he was born in Milwaukee, WI. As a young man and youth of one of Wisconsin’s largest cities, he showed his devotion above and beyond the average person’s dedication to his home when he began working to clean up the streets as a Neighborhood Watch, The “Midnight Raid”, and Security volunteer during the turbulent times of the 1970s helping to protect the citizens and speaking a message of hope to the people living there, young and elderly. The Midnight Raid would go out onto the streets of Milwaukee and patrol from 12am to 3am, helping to calm the streets and work with others to make the neighborhoods safer for everyone, much the same as other groups such as the Guardian Angels did in NYC during the same time.

With a wisdom far beyond his years, in his early 20s, he had worked his way up into managing large restaurants with enormous revenue streams and large staffs. No easy feat to any who understands the sink or swim business. During his time in his early management roles, he worked diligently to give young and old folks alike, opportunities to rise above and find themselves through hard work and by setting positive examples for all those around him, giving them a model of success to follow.

A few years later along his early journey, in 1993, David began to feel and then answer the calling of his faith to again rise up and start expanding his message and working with the youth in the state of Georgia, working as a youth minister at the “Ellen Grove Missionary Baptist Church”. It was here that he continued planting the seeds of faith and hard work in young people using the power of his work ethic and deep faith, to institute programs, leading by example and showing them that through hard work, faith, and raw determination, that they too could aspire and dream of a better life for themselves and their communities.

KingInClassroom1It was in 1996 when David heard his hometown calling him to come back, he returned to continue his work in helping and guiding inmates at the Milwaukee County Jail, ministering inmates and helping them to transition from their incarceration into civilian life through his outreach ministry program. This program also established a transitional house called Moutain of the Lord House.

Having been successful with his inmate outreach and transition efforts, in 1998, David then established “The Lord House of Rest” which focused on helping single and struggling mothers become financially independent with faith and determination by giving them a safe haven where they could begin shoring up and repairing their foundations and move on with their lives in a positive way.

Continuing his platform example of hard work and reliance on his deep faith, in 2001, he created S.W.E.E.P. (Soldiers Walking Evangelizing and Empowering People). His primary focus was to empower individuals by helping them find gainful employment within the Milwaukee community. Working with the Black, Latino, and White folks in the city, David was very effective with his outreach program that officers and parol officers alike would seek out David and his programs to enroll folks with criminal records and who were recently arrested as a positive means of completing their community service requirements, giving them outlets in faith or ward work.

Demonstrating his willingness to look past our base differences and holding true to his future mantra of “meet me in the middle”  to see that all humans simply need opportunity and encouragement to rise above their situations.

It was through his strong character and deep faith that he was able to push folks to succeed through work help initiatives which helped those seeking help to find jobs and housing within the city of Milwaukee, WI, with events and programs like “Gospel Hip Hop” which would mix hip hop with faith to engage and provide outlets for the youth of the city which would later become the “Milwaukee God Squad”.

In 2007, David created and started, what has become a noteworthy staple of Milwaukee’s vast community outreach scene, The Milwaukee God Squad works with other community leaders and the citizenry providing transportation and employment opportunities to the disenfranchised in the city for thousands of folks.

From here, David continued his outreach and community involvement which lead him to begin seeking public office in 2008 when he launched his first campaign. He ran for the Wisconsin State Assembly District 16.

A past client and friend of David’s, Chad Everson, had this to say about Dr. King…

David has a calling as a pastor first and foremost. A man so blessed with talent and skill that he is also a great entrepreneur and will soon find himself in elected office.” – 2009

Over the last 15 years, David has continued to build his platform and message and continued to run for public offices never letting establishment push back from both parties stop him from attempting to reach voters with a message that promotes finding a middle ground and overcoming our differences, both politically but more importantly, the base divides most politicians seek to exploit.

Some of David’s previous political campaigns included…

When asked, about how he felt about his close losses in the Wisconsin races, Mr. King exclaimed that “it was never about winning something for himself, but that the real victory was that his message of “meeting in the middle” had reached so many voters throughout our great state”.

Now the CEO of KBS (Kingdom Business Solutions), David currently works to help businesses across the country with their operational and logistical needs by helping to streamline processes and efforts using his intuitive incite and managerial experience and continues his message and example of hard work and faith in everything he sets his mind to.

David is now looking to the future and a better outcome for the people of the entire state of Wisconsin. Choosing to stand on character and inclusion of all, standing up for the individual’s right to choose, and strengthening the millions of households across Wisconsin. If you ask him about what could help most, he would tell you that it is rooted in the strength of the home, encouraging deeper faith, and working with everyone who wants to see Wisconsin move forward into a brighter horizon.

As our Lt. Governor, he plans to be an agitator for all while continuing his message of reaching the youth in our inner cities to help keep families together, children in the classroom, and to help put Wisconsinites back to work getting them into positions where they have options and opportunities.

I am running for Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor because it’s time for Wisconsin to have leaders who will put the people first.DR. DAVID KING

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For more information about his campaign or reaching out to him, please feel free to find his information on The Modern Patriot for links to all of his campaign platforms or to engage with him directly.

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