This afternoon, the current Governor of our great state posted a cooing celebratory post including a link to an article that was promoting the higher wages. This article and the reason behind it was, I’m my opinion, another intellectually dishonest politician trying to only show one side of the coin. I wrote my own article and opinion regarding the issue which can be found here.

So I felt the need to tag Adam in the post and get his reply. I was not disappointed!

Adam Fischer ReplyAdam responded as follows…

Adam J. Fischer – Connect with Adam on Facebook 

Absolutely! As Governor, one of my top priorities is to stop the HANDOUTS. The days of incentivizing people to sit at home and get paid are over. When the entitlements end people will have no choice but to lace up their bootstraps and become productive, tax-paying members of society. How can a small business survive with the way things are going? They can’t. It’s time we stood up for our small business owners and give them a hand up for once. It’s time for real change. As a Governor that has worked for many small businesses in my lifetime, from gas stations to restaurants to heat-treating plants, my heart goes out to these dedicated hard-working citizens that are on the cusp of losing everything. I’m motivated and I will bring change.”
Follow his Offical Campaign Website –
Find More Information about Adam and the other candidates running in the statewide elections here.
It’s time we promote and push for candidates who want and will fight for the same changes we all want!
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