Trump dossier sources going down in flames. Adam Schiff, on the view saying that its not his fault the others lied and he ran with it.
Supporter of trump or not, I’ve been saying it for years that the real implication is our political class and their entitlement to rule regardless of party affiliation. It was a convulsive reaction to an outsider.
The message is clear. People not of the political class are not welcome to participate in our government.
Congress should be made to draw straws and those of whom who drew short, forced to resign, followed by immediate and open special elections in which the TV networks should be forced to provide free platform and ad space to anyone who is running on their own dime.
We gotta take our country back from these hacks before we end up in a civil war or open conflict.
This was just a day after the Rittenhouse bombshell of the so-called “victims” stating they were going to kill conservatives (including Rittenhouse). BTW who has been labeled a racist for shooting two white people in self-defense when just a few weeks ago we had a black school shooter who completely got a pass after shooting 5 people including his teacher bc “they were mean to him”.
The people from Jan 6th, including people who were not even there, are still in solitary confinement being held without due process by the feds.
No matter what you vote, this should worry-absolutely everyone bc is essentially black bagging people should they run afoul of our political class.
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