This guy just literally said “i bet you never thought you pay so much for a gallon of gas”
this week, it was announced Democrats want to shut down yet another pipeline in which was a party of the treaty we signed 20 years ago with Canada.
That’s right folks, he literally attempted to break a treaty with our closest neighbor and ally who then had to make certain threats in order to bring it down to a roar.
then in a rambling way, sidesteps to infrastructure and how we need to let Cali have a bunch of money so they can stack train containers 2 high.
Oh yeah, just have to wait for it the get built… Reminds me of someone trying to sell swampland in Florida.
Remember the bankrupt monorails? This is no diff.
Finally, he say “buy American” when he and the democrats literally are giving trade over to china and our competitors by virtue of his own policy and agenda.
Just wow. All my former friends who spent years projecting their superior knowledge and skill, really look like winners now.
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